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@nerdxissa Thanks for sharing~

So it seems like the Red Kitchen is really popular among DSBK and their families~

There must really be a family connection or something since Nicole's Mommy seems quite close to them!

Heheh then Nicole is probably close to the guys too!

Hhhmm... now I'm wondering which celebrity will be next to eat at Red Kitchen...


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anyone know the address ?? :P
Does anyone know the address to the Red Kitchen? >_<; I'd really like to go when I'm in SK. =D


Address: 697-8 Yeoksam-Dong, Seoul

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Nicole mom restaurant so awesome..so big...

I hope nicole dream to open a restaurant like her mother restaurant came true...

haha~ I once heard that SNSD also go there eat...I'm sure there should be an autograpsh from SNSD....

so many artist contributed to the restaurant...so sweet....

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I found out that 2 people in dbsk is associated with a kitchen xD lol. So I came to a conclusion that dbsk has been to Nicole's mom's restaurant cuz of that[cuz she is pretty successful ^-^] xD Micky's grandmother manages a famous restaurant that a korean president went to and jaejoong's mom also has a home restaurant[restaurant on the bottom, house on the top]

so yeah. I was confused of how she knew the boys so yeah, that is my take on it xD

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