[Other] Inside Red Kitchen


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OMG, today i tried searching for the place but to no avail..feeling so down right now :(

Oh don't feel bad.. Red Kitchen Closed down :(... it's now a PC cafe thing.. XD

I'd try Aura.. might get to meet Cole's mom.

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1st stop when i go to KOREA = LOTTE WORLD.

2nd STOP when i go to KOREA = THE RED KITCHEN..!!!!!!

wow. the food looks so super good makes me so hungry..!!!

no wonder nicole is all fit n healthy looking..her skilled mom seems to be being a good cook for her kekeke...


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No wonder Nicole loves food.. I wouldn't be surprised to see her being the one handling that restaurant in the future..

for sure she helped that a lot, her popularity help that a lot, her friendliness help that a lot..

I mean ok ok ok the food is good, and that's a good reason to go there..

but I'm sure many many many fans will go there hoping to see not just Nicole but also her idol friends ----- especially Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu who are well-known for often going there..

If I will ever visit Korea, I'll do anything to eat there too.. It really looks like a nice place..

EDIT: omoo.. I missed the info about it closing down.. I wonder what's happened.. no.. it can't close !!!! that place is special for HeroNic !! :crying:

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