Do Your Friends Know About Kara?


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in my school, kpop lovers are the minority. there are very few people who knows and likes kpop. it could even be counted by your fingers. i am the minority and im proud to be the minority. my only super junior if it comes to kpop. only a very few people knows KARA including myself.

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Sadly, only 2 of my friends know. LOL.

My first friend only knows about KARA's BOF OST.

And, my second friend plays the game iDate which has KARA songs in it. She asked me if I know the song "Honey".

And I was like "HELL YEAH! \m/" and sang it on our school's corridor while going down.

LOL. My biases makes me do crazy things.

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well..some of my friends knew about them...i mean KARA as well as another groups too...even though they are not biased like me..kekeke...but my friends also support them by listening to their music.....

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My Story in the USA

So I live in the USA in MN.

If you know where that is, but then I was at my school and it was the end of the school time

and I was in 4th hour. Our class were in the library and I was touching the laptop along with my friends

and secretly behind my teacher's back going to karaholic, allkpop and asianfanfics.

And suddenly KARA's Lupin went on. I hesitated and close all my links not connected to my assignment.

But the music was still playing and then every person who was in my class had their eyes on me.

:sweatdrop: I was sweating bullets and trying to turn off KARA's song but I had no idea where it came from.

Then I remember my phone, I set KARA's Lupin as my ring tone, and it only got to the beginning "Hallo" part.

I took out my cell phone and turn it off and I slowly felt myself turning red :blushing::blush: and my saying "Sorry about that"

back and forth. I check and it was a text message from my sister.

But I was sitting with my friend and they all look at me saying "OMG~! THAT SONG WAS SO GOOD!!!! I WANT TO KNOW

THE ARTIST!!!~" And they weren't Asian people but 2 were black people and 1 was white and 4 hmong (asians)

But my black friends were really excited about KARA's song and they were asking for the artist and song's name.

I was really happy to know KARA's song doesn't only appeal to asian people.

NOTE: I feel bad for saying black people and white people but they are my friends and I love them

and whoever is reading this is black or white please don't get offended. MIANHAE :(

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Awww, that's cute. (: Yessss. KARA (and all kpop actually) is really addicting. Their songs are either so cute or so inspirational. (: I'm glad they liked Lupin! Lupin is one of KARA's best songs. Maybe even THE BEST.

My friends one day flipped through my iPod and started listening to kpop. ^^ They aren't asian either. It's really cool that non-asians like kpop too.

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OMG really?! I'm not Asian too.....and that was so cool!!

when i first heard Lupin i was like "this is is so COOL"!!

well i personally think that Kpop sounds a lot better than American Music....

that's why i don't listen to american music anymore...

almost all of my songs in my phone, laptop and ipod are Kpop and i listen to Kara's songs every night!!!

it's true!! it's so awesome to know that non-asians likes/loves KARA!!!

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so bad, almost of my friends don't know about KARA & KAMILIAS~~~><!!! and one thing, honestly i dun like their attitude while i was talking or do something which is related to KARA & Kamilias. they act like they know KARA and Kamilias well, but they underestimate about both :depressed:

really, i dun like it. haiz..but it's okay, i just need to be patient :phew:

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my friends??

NONE of them know about KARA ..

they are not into KPOP... :thumbdown:

but, thanks to me... (LOL!)

since i keep playing KARA songs and vids,

they started to gain interest about KARA...

they really like KARA performances such as LUPIN and MISTER... :thumbup:

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