Would you like Cole to sing more or "rap" more ?


Would like for Nicole to sing, "rap" more, or try somethin in the future?  

401 members have voted

  1. 1. Sing, rap, both, or other?

    • Sing
    • Rap
    • Both!
    • Other: In place of the Rap parts, sing in English instead

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nicole is too underrated for me, talking about both singing dancing and rapping skills, btw about her singing: her voice is so unique i can recognize her easily, it's strong powerful and with a lot of emotions, her rap is unique too, girlidolgroup all has those BAD *** rapper, but nicole 's rap is different being so cute, i really like it, so i voted for both XD

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Yer... but still wanna hear her in english... mayb becoz i can understand it when she sings in eng... :rolleyes: . But her rapping wasn't bad either, could match up wif wondergals rapper too!

eh, i mean nicole is btr than her.. mUahahahha :sweatdrop:

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Hmmmm.... I really cant choose which i want!

But i definetly love Cole and Ham rap parts in if you wanna!! :D

And Cole's singing is top good to be missed...

I wish there was an option with group rapping hahaha!!

Like each member of the grp raps a line or smth

And Cole can still have her singing parts :D

God i wonder how does big groups like SNSD and SuJu manages the singing parts...

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