Would you like Cole to sing more or "rap" more ?


Would like for Nicole to sing, "rap" more, or try somethin in the future?  

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  1. 1. Sing, rap, both, or other?

    • Sing
    • Rap
    • Both!
    • Other: In place of the Rap parts, sing in English instead

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The cool thing about Nicole's singing is how she has to change her voice to hit high notes. This give her voice a character that no other singer has. If the band members like to rap they should rap but I would rather they sing.

Kara Fighting

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I would say both but i think her singing parts should be less at times so that jiyoung and hara can sing. or if they cut a few lines from seungyeon and gyuri so that jiyoung and hara can sing. those two get less lines that i thought.

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