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i think i will try to get a peek of Kara instead of auditioning to be one of them. lol

but i read that it's better if you don't sing/perform the songs produced by the company. they know the song well and could pinpoint out mistakes/faults easily. lol

maybe, i'm guessing...that's why Jing auditioned with So Nyuh Shi Dae's Kissing U.

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I'd get nosebleed first because of nicole .. Then whipe the nosebleed .. I'd work hard for the audition .. Since kara has showed us non stop hard work .. Why not do the same? :P

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Um I can't imagine myself in Kara. I'm just not cute like them xD

But if I was given a chance I'd probably audition for dance + singing.

I grew up dancing so dancing comes naturally to me but singing doesn't.

So it's a 30/100 chance that I'll even make it, lol.

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i dont wanna be a part of kara... caus kara would change totally and not be the same anymore ... :/

but if i auditioned i would sing.. i think a ballad... or something not so fast...

maybe i will dance.. but hey xD ive never danced before xD only trying to do ppl's dances xD haha

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OOO. haha. Ohdang. If KARA was watching I'd probably be ogling at Gyul and Hara the whole time. LMAO. They'd probably think I'm creepy and disqualify me right away ):

But, I'd sing.

I like singing.

I'm pretty decent at it.

But I'd never dance.

I can do... the sprinkler.

And maybe some other dorky dance that doesn't involve much coordination. XD

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lol. good question. hmm i'm not good with hitting a high note for a long time...

so instead i would show off my dancing skills.

i`m so much confident on that area.

...but to audition for
i wouldn't do that(i love

more like audition to become their new
dance instructor
) instead haha.

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