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Haha can a guy audition for Kara? xD. Oh the dreams.

If it was possible I'd be the "useless" guy in the back who does random stuff on stage just for the hell of it. Or if wanting to be a lil serious, I could at least sing the lowest notes n be the bass singer.

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me? a KARA member? PUAHAHAHA! :lol2:

i'm not good at singing nor dancing...

ok, maybe just a bit of dancing.. and some rapping...

but instead of audition to be a KARA member..

i'd choose to be KARA manager/stylist... hahaha

so that i can protect my KARA and get closer to them! :thumbup1:

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Hmm... if they were doing the auditioning themselves, i would go down on my knees and propose to one of them (while doing the butt dance for as long as i can). I know they'd probably throw me out for being such a freak, but hey... it would be worth it. :lol:

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I think I....would not audition to be a KARA member because I can't sing nor dance even if my life depends on it. I can't act cute liek them and I have a piercing which...doesn't goes with KARA's image so....nop, I would fail an audition.

But I would like to work with Sweet Melody in order to give KARA great songs! ^_^

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