[2009.06.02] KARA will back this summer with new song


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OMG i'm so excited =) I can't wait anymore! Just two more days until the full

version is released. I want to see the teaser now. I'm sure it's going to be a

hit like "Honey"! Summer's here and I love the fact that the song is going to

Fit in with the season. "Honey" was definitely like spring. Thanks for sharing!

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wahahahahah yayyyyyy

wow anne that vid you posted...they really "blew up" seungyeon and hara's hair...for lack of a better phrase...(jing's hair is freakin hot)

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now I can't wait for there comeback!

there new song's teaser was already released? I wanna see it.. *looking for it @ youtube*

they look really pretty and gorgeous with there hairstyle and outfits..

thanks for sharing...

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oh just heard the song.. the article made it sound like it was an official KARA release when it's just the soundtrack lol

but how cool that the song plays in the game too and the music video.. heard the teaser and it's sounds like it's from PG and Honey peps lol. very light dance pop :)

right before the release of the teaser, kara was ranked one on the mnet videos thingy if that counts as anticipation lol

thanks peter and anne lol.

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I just really saw the real teaser video...lol

The one I saw earlier is the promo one...keke

But it really sounds nice ^^

Can't wait to see and hear the whole thing...XD

Wow, they already ranked one ^^

Thank you very much for the translations Peter ^^ and xichigo ^^ and Anne onni ^^

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At first we can mistake this song as their comeback song lol. But even if It's just an OST to promote

I-musician I'm also glad because I can hear something new from our girls

in waiting for their real comeback in July.

I also think this concept suit the girl and the season well plus the song sounds not bad at all.

Can't wait for the full song to release.

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