[Jingly] A list of Jing's Nicknames


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she'll always be known as the cute maknae but for some reason jing has such a good ring to it at the moment, maybe its because of the xmas season and the nickname sounds/reminds me a lot of xmas haha JIIIING! :hihi:

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Jing has a couple of nicknames. Thought that we can put all in one and maybe add some if you have any? haha.

1) Kang-Ah-Ji --> It stands for puppy. Kamilia gave that to her.

2) Ricecake --> Gyul referred to Jiyoung as that in her recent cyworld entries. Ricecake because they envy Jing's white skin. lol (thanks to tin for that info. :))

3) Jing/Baby Jing --> Nicole referred to Jiyoung as Baby Jing in their album "Thanks To".

4) Maknae Jing/Maknae Young --> To differentiate her to Maknae Cole.

5) Turtle --> Actually, I'm not sure if there's an official nickname for this, but I've seen Kamilia comparing Jing to a turtle. It's probably because of the way she sang when they came back with Rock U.

6) Baby Dino --> Peter gave that to her. I guess, she could be called one. Seeing how she laugh with her mouth wide open. :)

You can look at the Puppy, Turtle & Baby Dino comparisons here:



so cute.....

jiyoung jjang!!!...

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