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[Haradoll] The Official 'Hara' spazz thread.

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allkpop: Hara becomes involved in another malicious rumor, this time about assault allegations against ex-boyfriend.  


Another "jjirashi" (malicious rumor spread with ill-intent) has become linked with former KARA member Hara.
According to reports on September 13, a new "jjirashi" post online claimed that a famous singer born in 1991 was charged with assaulting an ex-boyfriend after the man tried to break up with her, reporting in for police investigation. The "jjirashi" quickly became linked to Hara, catching the attention of the media. 
Back on September 5, Hara was involved in "jjirashi" rumors claiming that she had tried to commit suicide, which turned out to be a simple visit to a hospital for indigestion and sleep trouble. Currently, Hara's label is "checking up on the 'jjirashi'." 
It seems this time, Hara's "jjirashi" rumors were more than just malicious rumors. 
According to reports on September 13, police recently did in fact receive a call from a hair designer 'A' at approximately 12:30 AM KST on this same day. 'A' is allegedly Hara's ex-boyfriend, and on this day, he asked Hara to break up their relationship. A quarrel is expected to have assumed, leading to a violent scene. However, no weapons were involved, and the violence consisted of scratching and arm-twisting, reports stated. 
Representatives from the police told news outlets, "The investigation has not started yet. We plan on scheduling investigation questioning dates with the involved individuals before the case begins."
Earlier, "jjirashi" rumors claimed that Hara had assaulted her ex-boyfriend, but unlike her malicious suicide rumors last week, this week's rumors have grown much bigger in proportion. Stay tuned for updates from Hara's label Contents Y. 
On September 13, news outlet Channel A contacted the Seoul Gangnam Police Station for additional updates regarding former KARA member Hara's assault case. 
The police arrived on the scene of a villa located in Nonhyun-dong, Gangnam some time on September 13 past midnight, after receiving a call from 'A' who claimed, "When I asked to breakup, she assaulted me." However, Hara refuted 'A's claims with, "My boyfriend told me to get up and kicked me. We fought, and I only scratched and hit him."
According to police representatives, the case will likely resume as a two-sided assault case. "A has reported in for his questioning, while Hara has not," police told Channel A. Hara's label Contents Y also revealed, "[Hara] does not have any schedules currently, so we are unable to get in contact with her."
Dispatch has revealed details on Hara's (27) ex-boyfriend C (27) and their assault incident.
According to reports, C, who's a hair designer working in Kangnam known for his good looks, came to Hara's Nonhyeon-dong villa at 1AM on September 13 KST. In a drunken state, C entered Hara's home without informing her as he had the pass code for her front door. Once inside, he entered Hara's bedroom, where she was asleep, and kicked her awake. He's also reported to have thrown around and broken her house appliances and other items. 
A friend close to the former couple told Dispatch, "C kicked Hara first. It's true he destroyed her house appliances and caused a disturbance." 
After she was awakened, Hara and C got into a verbal confrontation and things got heated quickly, turning into a physical fight. The fight left marks on C's face as well as bruises on Hara's body. 
C is said to have contacted the police first when he left Hara's home, telling them, "My girlfriend one-sidedly assaulted me." At 3:30PM KST later that same day, C told investigators at the police station, "I was one-sidedly assaulted by my girlfriend," showing them the marks on his face. 
Hara later told police, "C went into the home unauthorized, and he even destroyed appliances. I have bruises too because he hit me." The police have photographs of the broken appliances, and they plan to investigate the assault incident more thoroughly. Furthermore, police might investigate C for home invasion and destruction of property.

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allkpop: Hara to undergo investigation for assault after hospitalization + reportedly moves from villa.


Hara is set to undergo investigation for assault after her hospitalization. 
According to reports on September 14, Hara is currently in the hospital to receive treatment for the injuries she sustained during her physical altercation with her ex-boyfriend on the 13th. This is said to be why her label was unable to contact the former KARA member for 2 days. 
Her agency stated, "After confirming with her family, it's true she's currently hospitalized. We didn't talk to her personally, and as it's an extremely personal situation, it's hard for us as an agency to give further details. As she was in a very chaotic state at the time, she found it difficult to contact her close acquaintances and the agency. She'll be dutifully undergoing investigation alongside a legal representative after her hospitalization." 
It's also been reported Hara has moved her place of residence after the incident. KBS' 'Entertainment Relay' spoke to a security guard at Hara's former villa, and he stated, "I don't know if the police took the two involved, but it's true police officers came by. She also moved right away on the 13th at 7:30PM KST."




Hara's ex-boyfriend 'A' sits down for an interview to deny the violence was two-sided + reveals his scars


On September 14, Hara's ex-boyfriend 'A' sat down for an interview to relay his side of the story. (Warning: possibly graphic image below.)
The interviewer noted that upon meeting 'A', there were visible scars all over his face. 'A', who is a hair designer, began, "I first asked that we break up due to our differences in personalities. However, the reports that the fight was two-sided are false." Furthermore, 'A' also revealed that he is receiving treatment at a hospital for his scars, similar to Hara. 
The interviewer observed that there were three scars on A's face approximately 3 cm, one on his forehead approximately 4 cm, and one under his right eyebrow approximately 5 cm. 'A' stated, "I didn't know that me calling the police for both of our safety would become this big of an issue. Some of the news reports are reporting things about me which are completely false without consent, so I decided to do this interview." He added, "I didn't break into Hara's house. The password for the house is the day that we met. We were using the space together." 
Regarding reports of two-sided violence, 'A' responded, "I've never been involved in a physical fight in my entire life. Even more so with a woman. If [Hara] suffered bruises, it was because I was trying to calm her down while she hit and scratched me. I swear that I meant no intentional violence on my end."
'A' then stated that he has not been in contact with Hara since the incident, but Hara did send photos of her bruises to 'A's mother. As to why he was unable to answer some of the police's questions, 'A' answered, "I was shocked by the malicious comments. Currently, I am unable to receive help from anyone. I do not know what to do. I am also in pain physically, and emotionally."
'A' replied to rumors that he was threatening Hara, "It's not true. We used to be lovers, why would I do that?. I don't understand why such rumors came about."
Finally, 'A' said, "If it's a crime to be the one to request a breakup, then it's my fault. However, it was not a two-sided assault case. We used to be lovers, but now we're separating with scars like this, and it pains me. I may be a non-celebrity, but I hope that Hara herself will reflect back on this apart from her status as a celebrity, and apologize to me."
Though Dispatch reported Hara and her ex-boyfriend C had both assaulted each other, C has denied he ever laid hands on the former KARA member in an interview with media. On September 15, Content Y stated, "We haven't personally spoken to Hara herself yet. It's hard to confirm anything about whether it was a two-sided assault as it's a very personal matter."
The agency continued, "Hara is currently in the hospital. Her family is taking care of her, and the hospital is giving her treatment."
Hara is reported to be working to settle things with her boyfriend.
The two sides' lawyers met over the weekend. They decided that the damages were substantial, and that it was better to settle things between the two parties to end things quickly.
Her boyfriend 'A' had reported Hara for assaulting him on the 13th just past midnight. Hara had asserted that the assault was bilateral, which the police think may likely be the case. 
The two will be called for investigations soon.

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Dispatch Reveals In-Depth Details About Koo Hara And Ex-Boyfriend's Assault Case



Dispatch Reveals The Truth Behind Koo Hara And Her Ex-Boyfriend’s Assault Case
Hara and her ex-boyfriend are currently under investigation for their assault case, where both sides reportedly used violence against each other in a confrontation about ending their relationship.
What happened that night?
Dispatch reported an in-depth coverage about their case where they discovered that the ex-boyfriend visited Koo Hara’s villa around 12:30am. He was intoxicated at the time. He was able to enter her apartment without consent because he knew the passcode to her front door.
After entering the apartment, he barged into Koo Hara’s room, where she was sleeping at the time. He kicked Koo Hara wake and threw her household appliances, causing them to break.
A close friend of the couple revealed that the ex-boyfriend kicked her first and began breaking her appliances.
“[The ex-boyfriend] kicked Koo Hara first. It’s true that he broke her appliances and wreaked havoc in her apartment.” — Close Friend
Hara and her ex-boyfriend began arguing with each other. As their emotions became heated, the confrontation turned violent. Their argument turned to assault. Her ex-boyfriend got scratches on his face and Koo Hara’s body was bruised.
After the fight, the ex-boyfriend left her apartment and called the police. He claimed that he was assaulted by his girlfriend.
“I was assaulted unilaterally by my girlfriend.” — Ex-Boyfriend
After receiving the call, police arrived at the scene around 3:30am. The ex-boyfriend continued to claim that he was assaulted one-sidedly. He showed them the scars on his face.
When questioned by the police, Koo Hara explained that the ex-boyfriend destoryed her house appliances and hit her too.
“[My ex-boyfriend] broke into my house unauthorized and broke my stuff. I have bruises because he hit me too.” — Koo Hara
Who’s the boyfriend?
Dispatch also discovered that Koo Hara’s ex-boyfriend was a hair dresser from Gangnam, who is well known for his good looks and his skills in the beauty industry.
The ex-boyfriend is reportedly the same age as Koo Hara, and the pair had appeared on a beauty show together earlier this year. They had gotten closer as they’re both interested in the fashion, beauty, and hair industry. The ex-boyfriend is also well known for his visuals, where he found fame as a doppelgänger to a popular actor in his 20’s.
Investigative netizens dug up information regarding the identity of the ex-boyfriend, and they speculate the hairstylist that appeared on her show Beauty Diary is the ex-boyfriend in question.
The Aftermath
The police obtained photos of the appliances broken by her ex-boyfriend. They are currently being investigated by the police for assault, but sources claim that the ex-boyfriend is also being investigated for invading Koo Hara’s house and destruction of property.
Koo Hara’s agency announced earlier that she was hospitalized for her injuries from their confrontation. She plans on recuperating first before reporting to the police station to continue with the investigation.
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allkpop: Hara apologizes for ongoing 'war of attrition' with ex-boyfriend 'A' + wishes the best for 'A's future.


After attending her police questioning on September 18, Hara remained silent despite follow up questions from the press on her way home from the Gangnam police station. 
On September 19, Hara held an interview with media outlet E Daily. She began, "I deeply apologize for causing fans and the public concerns due to this incident the past few days. Now, I hope to put an end to this incident which has grown uncontrollably out of proportion."
Hara then addressed her relationship with her ex-boyfriend 'A' for the first time. "We had a healthy dating relationship. Just a few weeks ago, we were a happy couple like in the movies, a couple who could never have imagined words such as 'assault' and 'police investigation' between us. We did have fights once in a while, but they were like any other couple. And then recently, we ran into a small misunderstanding which we were not able to overcome, and our fight grew bigger," the singer shared.
Furthermore, Hara reflected, "When the incident became a public issue through news reports, we began to fight back and forth like children in the dirt, carrying out an unsightly war of attrition. But when a fight occurs, there is responsibility on both ends. It cannot be because of the fault of one side."
Finally, Hara said, "I want to forgive, and to be forgiven by, the person whom I once loved. I hope that this person, who is talented and deserving of respect, will overcome this incident and find a bright future. Once again, I bow my head in deep apology to fans and the public."
When asked about the SNS controversy involving former KARA member Jiyoung, Hara waved the issue off, firmly stating, "It's not even something to address. We do not have a bad relationship at all."






allkpop:  Ex-boyfriend rejects Hara's offer to come to a settlement.


Hara offered to come to a fair settlement, however, her ex-boyfriend Choi has rejected it. 
According to Chosun Ilbo's exclusive report on September 21, Hara's side requested to end the ongoing controversy by coming to a settlement. An insider from Choi's side stated, "Hara's legal representative delivered their wish to come to a settlement a total of 3 times." 
A reporter reached out to lawyer Moon Jin Goo of the Shin & Kim law firm and asked, "Did you really deliver the wish for a settlement (on behalf of Hara)?", the lawyer replied, "We cannot share a comment at the moment."
Meanwhile, Choi's legal representative, Kwak Jun Ho, confirmed the report to be true, stating, "It's true we have received an offer for a settlement from Hara's legal representative." However, "We have nothing much to say as there are no changes in our client's stance."
After attending police questioning, Hara officially apologized and expressed the wish to end controversy involving her ex-boyfriend. However, an acquaintance of Choi told Chosun Ilbo, "The request for a settlement and apology should've been given to Choi first. Choi is very upset that Hara delivered the apology and wish for a settlement through a media interview rather than directly to him," and added, "He'll give various thoughts throughout the Chuseok holiday but coming to a settlement will not be easy."



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allkpop: Police looking to additionally investigate Hara for causing injury.


The police will be investigating Hara for causing injury.
It's been confirmed that the police are actively seeking to add charges of bodily injury to Hara's list of charges. 
'A' had accused Hara of scratching him, including on his face, with a full recovery time of 3 weeks. The police came to their conclusion after seeing 'A's evidence. If Hara is charged not for battery but for causing bodily injury, she can be found guilty even if 'A' withdraws his lawsuit.
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allkpop: 'Dispatch' reveals ex-boyfriend threatened to upload video of his and Hara's sexual relations.


On October 4, media outlet 'Dispatch' revealed shocking audio containing evidence that Hara's ex-boyfriend, referred to as 'C' by 'Dispatch', threatened to upload footage of his and Hara's sexual relations on the web.
According to 'Dispatch', 'C' himself contacted the media outlet and claimed, "I have a report to make about Goo Hara. Please give me a call." It turned out, on the evening of September 13 after Hara and 'C's altercation, 'C' contacted 'Dispatch' around 1 AM KST and sent in his "report" about Hara. At approximately 2 AM KST on the same day, 'C' message Hara with footage of their previous sexual relations, and threatened, "I will send this to 'Dispatch" as well as "I'll end your celebrity career". 
Furthermore, when Hara discovered that 'C' was in possession of video footage containing such content, she sought 'C' out and got down on her knees, begging him not to spread the footage online, reported 'Dispatch'. The media outlet stated that Hara on her knees was captured via CCTV, in the clip below. 
After 'C' threatened Hara with two messages containing footage of their sexual relations, Hara contacted her former entertainment company head, asking for help. Then, later, Hara's younger sister 'B' also contacted 'C' regarding the threats. Read their conversation below:
C: "Yeah, why."
B: Oppa, I'm in the restroom.
C: So what do you have? What? What?
B: No, it's just that...
C: Yeah, I'm on my way to the police station right now.
B: No, it's that unnie wants to call it two-sided violence
C: Yeah, I can do two-sided violence, and it honestly doesn't matter to me, so I don't care. I'm on my way right now. 
B: No, not like that, oppa, listen to me.
C: I'm listening.
B: If oppa claims two-sided violence and unnie claims two-sided violence...
C: Yeah, it doesn't matter if I get nothing out of this. It's fine if I don't get anything out of this, yeah. 
B: Oppa, the photos and the footage that you have
C: Yeah, it doesn't matter to me, B. 
B: What?
C: What about the photos and the footage?
B: You sent unnie the footage.
C: Yeah, so what.
B: I didn't watch the video but,
C: Yeah, so what.
B: But it could be threatening and charges like that...
C: Yeah? But to me, you know, B, this phone call is threatening too. What? What do you want to say exactly?
B: No, it's just that this
C: So then I'm threatening? So I should just upload it? I can go in with threat charges. So what.
B: You being like that, is that what you want to happen right now?
C: No, then f***, why lie to me. Why are you even calling me.
B: No you...
C: No, then why f***ing lie to me. No, no, no, why?
B: What did I lie to you about?
C: So you just want me to do nothing and get screwed?
B: Oppa! What did I lie to you about?
C: (Hangs up).
'Dispatch's full video analysis of ex-boyfriend 'C's threat timeline can be found below. Meanwhile, back on September 27, Hara once again pressed charges against 'C' for threatening, forceful action, and more. 




If this video gets to the general access, then the career of Hara in Korea has ended...

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allkpop: Hara's ex-boyfriend says he didn't intend revenge porn + wishes to come to a settlement.


Ex-boyfriend Choi responded to Hara's interview about him blackmailing her. 
On October 5, Choi's legal representative Kwak Jun Ho met with a Newsis reporter. When asked if the videos exist, Kwak said, "It's true the videos exist," however, "Hara is the one who suggested filming and it has not been revealed. I hope people don't view this as revenge porn."
The lawyer continued, "Our client asked Ms. Koo (Hara), 'Why do we have to film this?' Koo stated that she wants to capture the moments of their love. You can also find Ms. Koo holding up the phone when it gets knocked down during filming. We can easily check that she's the one who took charge of the filming."
Kwak also shared that Choi did not have any intentions to spread or use the videos. He said, "We've never thought about using the video as a tool for settlement. We didn't even mention the existence of it when talking with their side."
As for why they got into a fight, Kwak said, "It's because of Hara's issues with guys and lying," and added, "Choi wanted to leave (the relationship) because he was sick of her lies but a fight began when she held him back, saying, 'Who do you think you are to be leaving me?'"
Kwak emphasized the physical assault was one-way and Choi did not use violence against Hara. Kwak said, "The reason why Hara was bruised was that Choi was trying to control her when she came running at him. They fell and rolled on the floor, and it's assumed she got bruised in the process." 
The lawyer also mentioned Hara's doctor's report, and said, "She said she got an exam at the OBGYN for physical assault but that's not true at all. She has been having health issues. We even have a message conversation about it."
Kwak revealed Choi's mother is in an ill condition at the shock about her son getting involved with 'revenge porn'. The lawyer said, "Since he's a non-celebrity, he has been wearing masks as you saw at his attendance to the police questioning but there was criticism saying he seems to be covering up something. Choi says he's willing to confidently face the issue without a mask from now on."
Lastly, Kwak shared that Choi wants to come to a settlement. The lawyer said, "Choi still has the desires to come to a settlement. We didn't want to come all the way like this but the other side revealed the doctor's report and videos." Kwak added, "We are also looking into a lawsuit for defamation of character but what Choi really wants is coming to a resolution and revealing the truth." 
Kwak ended the interview with a comment about "unfair" media coverage, and said, "We are getting pushed to the edge too much. We have nowhere else to stand if it continues like this."

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allkpop: Hara's ex-boyfriend reveals his face & identity, refutes all of Hara's claims through legal representative aid


On October 8, Hara's ex-boyfriend Choi Jong Bum and his legal representative released a strong counteroffensive against all of Hara's previous claims. 
Choi's side began by revealing that Choi recently underwent police investigation including the confiscation of his work licensure, car, etc, for charges of threatening and sexually violent behavior. Choi's side continued, "The recent 'Dispatch' report detailing Goo Hara's side of the case contained content which was overly exaggerated, and as a result, our side decided to participate in an interview with another media outlet. However, Goo Hara's legal representatives called us out on this action and warned us of a 'secondary offense', indirectly sending us a message to 'shut up'." 
Choi's side continued that through the ongoing police investigation, Choi will prove the following:
1. Choi's actions were only limited to pressing 'send' in front of Hara on the day of the incident; 
2. The sexual relations footage was filmed due to Goo Hara's suggestion; 
3. Choi never posted the footage on any online or SNS platform; 
4. Choi did not mean to report the footage to 'Dispatch', only evidence of the scars that Goo Hara made on his face; 
5. Choi never asked Goo Hara to get on her knees and apologize; 
6. After the date of the incident, September 13, Choi has never had direct contact with Goo Hara and therefore never threatened or forced Goo Hara in any circumstance.
Choi's side then emphasized, "On the day of the incident, Choi Jong Bum was very upset by the altercation with Goo Hara, which was the reason he sent the footage to Goo Hara through the messenger. However, the action was only spurred by anger, and Choi never spread the footage or made any attempts to spread the footage at any time." 
Finally, Choi's side argued that the sexual relations footage in question "has nothing to do with this case." In addition, "Please keep in mind that the continued reporting of this case's developments will remain insufferable damage and pain for those involved, as well as their families." 



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Approximate translation of the letter of Hara for fans:
"I apologize to all to whom I have caused a great deal of trouble.
Sometimes I am confused by various messages in the press, and it is difficult to understand with by itself. I am sorry that I welcome you thus.
Even under such circumstances I was very much inspired by your encouraging words and the welcoming messages which you send. I am sincerely grateful to all of you.
When last year I met fans, I promised all to make the same next year, and I have prepared a lot of things.
There are things which I need still to finish, and I very much worried, but this year I have decided to arrange the fan meeting again.
On December 24 I would like to meet all of you on the eve of Christmas and to apologize directly to you and to thank each of you.
I will move forward gradually so it would be "Xara" which will give energy and happiness by means of performances and various activity"
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soompi: Goo Hara Tearfully Opens Up To Fans During Japan Fan Meeting


Goo Hara recently held a fan meeting in Japan.
During the event, she read a letter to her fans, saying, “Many things, both happy and sad, have happened this year. Even when I thought everything was over, there were fans who cheered for me. I want to express my gratitude.”
Tearing up, she promised, “There are still things I have to solve, but I will work harder for the fans that have been waiting for me. I will be active in both Korea and Japan.”
Goo Hara is currently involved in an assault case with her ex-boyfriend, Choi Jong Bum. Currently, both sides are standing by different claims, with Choi Jong Bum saying he was assaulted by Goo Hara and Goo Hara saying the assault was mutual. Goo Hara also testified to police that Choi Jong Bum blackmailed her with threats of revealing a sex tape following the assault, which he is denying.
On November 7, the police announced that they would be forwarding both parties’ cases to prosecution with a recommendation for indictment: Goo Hara for bodily injury and Choi Jong Bum for bodily injury, blackmail, and sexual violence.
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