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[Haradoll] The Official 'Hara' spazz thread.

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allkpop - Hara heads to Japan immediately after being discharged from the hospital


According to media outlet reports on June 5, Hara is said to have flown out to Japan immediately after her discharge from the hospital. 
Currently, Hara does not have a management label for her activities in Korea, since her contract with former label Contents Y ended back in January of this year. She does have a management label for her Japanese promotions, and as a result, it's been decided that she has chosen to stay in Japan for the time being with care from her Japanese label, to recuperate. 
Previously on May 26, Hara was rescued from an attempt to end her life by her manager 'A'. After regaining her consciousness and receiving treatment from the hospital on May 28, Hara relayed through her Japanese label to her fans, "I am truly sorry for causing concerns and creating such a loud buzz. I am currently recuperating. I was miserable with so many things happening at once. I will do my best to strengthen my heart and show a healthier side." 
Then, back on May 30, Hara's legal representative revealed during the singer's second court hearing against ex-boyfriend Choi Jong Bum, "If you provide us with the next hearing date, [Hara] will attend. If it is after early July, it is possible." 

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allkpop - Japanese media reports on Hara's friendship with JYJ's Jaejoong


Japanese media reported on Hara's friendship with JYJ's Jaejoong.
In light of Hara's recent suicide attempt, Japanese media outlet Tokyo Sport Web reported Hara had received help from Jaejoong for her Japanese activities. Tokyo Sport Web stated, "Hara was planning to promote in Japan. As Jaejoong has climbed the ladder somewhat for his solo Japanese activities, Hara received advice from him." 
Jaejoong is reported to have his own office in Japan, and he's said to have attempted to support Hara through this. The JYJ member was a headliner at the 'Girls Music Festival' in Yokohama this past March, and Hara also performed on the same stage. According to Japanese media, Jaejoong had a hand in helping Hara get into the line-up of the event.
In related news, Hara expressed her apologies to fans after regaining consciousness from her suicide attempt.

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allkpop - Paramedics give details on Hara's condition at the time of her rescue


Paramedics revealed details on Hara's rescue. 
In an interview with SBS 'One Night of TV Entertainment' on May 28, the paramedic, who rescued Hara from her suicide attempt, stated, "We received a report about smoke. The manager dragged the patient out of the house (when we arrived). She was laying down in front of the door. She was breathing and did have a pulse but she did not react to pain... We carried out emergency care and immediately transferred her to the hospital."
Another paramedic who arrived at the scene later stated, "We opened the windows because the smoke filled up the room. We have sprayed water and the smoke is completely gone now."
Last year, Hara got swept up in a controversy involving her ex-boyfriend. She also revealed to have been struggling with malicious comments and depression. 
After regaining her consciousness, Hara apologized for causing concerns and stated she will take care of her health from now on. 

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Goo Hara has shared a welcome update with fans.
On June 17, Goo Hara made a series of posts on her personal Instagram account, and the posts have a positive vibe as she shares how she’s doing.
The first post has two photos of Goo Hara with the caption, “Hara is doing well.”
The next photo has Goo Hara smiling at the camera as the caption reads, “I’m sorry and I’m thankful. I’ll work harder to overcome and show you good things.”
Finally, Goo Hara posted a photo of flowers with the caption, “Let’s walk down a flower path. Positivity.”

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KARA sweet moments 💕
Sweet Park Gyuri
(I'm not really sure about translation "Tamiyo tame tame". I think:
たみよ ため ため - Because I want to try)


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Allkpop: Hara reveals upbeat short MV for 'Midnight Queen'. 

Hara is back and ready to kill it with a short MV for her upcoming release "Midnight Queen".

The former Kara member has gone through a hectic year, but it seems like she's ready to put the past behind her as she puts on her dancing shoes and becomes a true queen! Her doll-like features truly shine as she shows off her dance moves and charm.

The full version of the song is set to release on November 13th. Check out the MV above!



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