[Haradoll] The Official 'Hara' spazz thread.


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I 'm drawn to listen by Norwegian Wood, this song has accompanied the bitterness of losing close people in my life every time. Hara is not a close person to me, but the bitterness of loss is still great.

“Death was not the opposite of life. It was already here, within my being, it had always been here, and no struggle would permit me to forget that.”

"No truth can cure the sorrow we feel from losing a loved one. No truth, no sincerity, no strength, no kindness can cure that sorrow. All we can do is see it through to the end and learn something from it, but what we learn will be no help in facing the next sorrow that comes to us without warning."

Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood


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I was a real mess back when I first discovered KARA,  not that I was aware of it. I just saw it as a coming of age for myself of sorts. 

Arguably I had all the bad ways of thinking you could imagine. KARA changed that for me, more importantly,  Gu Hara changed that for me. The first time I truly "discovered" KARA was through Hara On & Off. 

A lot could be said about that show, but no one could deny one thing: Hara had always been honest.

You worked so hard, took time to be good to everyone around you. They say the gentlest of souls are those who have faced the greatest of hardships, maybe with you, Hara noona, that was always true.

Even through all the turmoil of this fandom when Youngji joined, you acted as the bridge between both camps. You took Youngji directly under your wing in media appearances, as you had before taken so much care of Jing Jing. 

Your bonds with your seniors, juniors, label and band mates are what will leave very painful emptiness behind in everyone's lives. 

You will be sorely missed. Truly.

'~If they say... Who cares if one more light goes out....

Well I...do.....'

We all do Gu Hara noona. May your soul rest in peace.



Everyone take care of yourselves and be well. Always work hard for your dreams. We are all so fortunate and lucky to have known her. It is now up to all of us, to keep her memory shining.


ps. I had to create a new account because the twitter login was not working for me for some reason. (just to clarify if someone thinks I'm a fake :P

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I remember when i first saw you.. Your so cute and pretty. You bring me on this status as a kpop lover.. Thank you so much for that and thank you for being my first ever bias in this kpop.. You are my first queen.. You are the reason i have Hark as my gamers name.. I know there are some ups and downs on your carrer but still i like you as my bias.. I never thought that you are gone already.. I will miss you.. We will miss you.. I really wanted to see you in person but seems to be.. Its not.. I hope you are ok on the other side.. Especially your bestfriend was also there.. And once again.. Thank you so much.. Proud to be kamillia.. RIP Goo Hara :(

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To my dear baby HaRa, 

Knowing that u r not going to come back again to update your Twitter status again makes me frost, my hands trembling, my brain recalling, all the moments when we were together, my tears uncontrollably came down in anytime I think of u now, I already started to miss you, your everything, your voice, your face, your existence, it was my fault, to assume that u would always be there like how u always did, because of your strong and brave personality, I didn't realise that you are still such a young girl, facing all the difficulties alone all the time, having the responsibility like a whole world on your tiny shoulders, I didn't realise that u feel hurt and pain physically and mentally by those who did not even deserve u. 
I still remember the promise I ever made to you, one day in the future, I'm going to look after u like how u always did to me, I'm so grateful for being able to meet a person like you, but seemed I got no more chance to fulfill my promise anymore after this. Being the eldest son in the family, I always wish to have elder siblings that would lead me the direction to go when I'm lost, so since I became a KAMILIA, I used to call u as 荷拉姐姐 (elder sister) even in my real diary books, it felt so comfortable and peaceful to have an elder sister like you, it's like u always holding my hands when they were cold, always helping me to get up when I was drowned into sorrow. I really really feel so happy that God sent you here to accompany me through my darkest days, but I couldn't even stay with you when u were on the edge of breaking down, I left u to leave this world in such a goddamn loneliness. I can never forgive myself, I can never forgive those who ever did this to u, I hate how this world running as the kind people always get hurt but the devils live well, there is nothing more I can do now to have u back again, I feel so sorry for everything that I couldn't have done, I'm so sorry HaRa.

I was looking forward to that one day I can see you in your wedding gown, you will be the most beautiful bride in this world for sure, I was looking forward to that one day you will post picture with your kids to share the joy with us, I was looking forward to that day I can finally meet you in real person, no matter how old we will become, u will be always having the same place in my heart, I was looking forward to that day I can finally tell u a story of how an angel came into my world for my redemption, telling u how much I love u, telling u that I always took u as part of my family members already, u are my beloved elder sister since the very beginning. But seemed none of these can be done anymore. I lost it, I lost the way u were guiding me through all the time, this is the first time I experienced this pain when losing someone so important to me in my life, I can actually lose anything just to have u back, wishing I was there to share your pain. 
I LOVE U SO MUCH, oh my BABY HARA, THANK U SO MUCH FOR YOUR LOVE all the time, next life if I can meet you again, it's my turn to protect u away from all the pains. Please rest well there, I will hold them the gifts u ever gave to me, to live up your name. 


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I miss her so much, I’m sad I wasn’t as vocal about my support. Ive been hoping I’d see her one day but it might not be anytime soon! She was so bright, and passionate in her work! She achieved so much, I just hope that people can keep her alive in their memories and not let others suffer what she has been through! She never let her struggles stop her from being a wonderful person...thinking about all the wonderful lives she has touched and brought light into their world. I just wish we could’ve been there for her...like she has been for me and my hardest times. 

Kara was my childhood and I still love all of them and will continue to support, I hope everyone will be able to continue and find strength in themselves. 

I hope that you’re finally at peace...

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Japanese Shows Debate Whether Or Not To Air Goo Hara’s Episodes That She Filmed Before Her Passing -  https://www.koreaboo.com/news/japanese-show-air-goo-hara-episode-filmed-before-passing/

Goo Hara had been busy promoting her latest Japanese comeback, with “Midnight Queen”, right before her passing. Reports claim she had a long list of Japanese shows that she was scheduled to appear on for her promotions.

Out of the long list, Goo Hara had finished filming for her episode on the late night music program, titled Tune, on Fuji TV. The episode is scheduled to air on November 30 and the production team held a meeting to decide whether or not to air Goo Hara’s final performance.

The producers ultimately decided that they’ll be editing Hara out of the episode. They had taken her name off of the lineup and released a short statement about the change.

Goo Hara’s Japanese agency confirmed that there were other shows where she had finished filming. They announced that they are discussing her possible appearance with the shows’ production teams.

Goo Hara’s fans left comments expressing their desire to see her last filming on air. Goo Hara had been loved by her fans, as she recently successfully finished her Japanese tour and was rumored to be preparing a stadium tour.

May she rest in peace.

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I am so sorry Hara. I am sorry that I did not realise so much of pain behind that smile of yours. I should have done more for you. It’s too late now.


I hope that you can finally have some real peace up there.

I love you. We love you.

Thank you Hara Goo. RIP.  


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Dear Hara,

You have two cats, pico and chacha, so I think you like cats a lot. Among the clouds, I would like you to adopt cats as well-god better give you ten of them if you want that. I would like you to have a nice house with beautiful scenery. Above all, I pray that you will finally have peace of mind. 

I don't know if you regretted all of this, if you wish you had not become an idol or a celebrity. Was there anything I could have done?

But in the end, I would like to thank you. I pray that you can be at peace. In the next life, I hope that you will be the happiest person in the world.

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Wow in the blink of an eye, its been what, 10 over years? it's been 9 years since I've been here on this site and i'm sure it has been many years for many others as well. 

Please rest well in heaven Hara, we'd always have you in our hearts. Still remember the days where i would countdown to a comeback, subscribe to KBS just to watch your comeback stage at home on TV. 

Thank you for all the memories that you have gave to me and other kamilias as well. You will forever be remembered. I'm sorry we had to wait till your passing before we could be more vocal about our support and love for you. 

You deserved all the love in the world but sadly the world is cruel. We just hope you'd be happy up there Hara. 

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I truly miss you dear Hara, you are such an angel and I'm so sorry for all the things you've been through. Right now it's too soon to say a proper goodbye, that's why I'm trying to find the strength to give you a smile and say to you how grateful I am. I love u, I'll do my best to make my dreams come true as you did! 

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