Whose voices can you distinguish?

Whose voices can you distinguish?  

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  1. 1. Whose voices can you distinguish?

    • Gyuri
    • Seungyeon
    • Sunghee
    • Hara
    • Nicole
    • Jing

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When I first hear their songs I usually mix up Hammie, Hara and Jing-Jing's cause they have similar voices with small hints of differences.

I tend to tell which one is Gyuri the most since her voice in my mind sticks out the most. Most of the time I know when Nicole is singing but sometimes I get confused too! Lol

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Guyri her voice is too sweet and Jing's voice is too babish like her, so I need to learn others voices... Solo songs or Collabs with men can help... (like Super Star for Hammie, Merry Love for Jing, Whale for Nicole, etc.)

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Somehow, my choices are weird.

KARA4: Seungyeon. When I listen to KARA4 songs I can distinguish her voice because she was the only one with the "soft, girly" voice.

KARA5: Hara. I hope no one hates me for my reason of why I chose Hara, but I can easily distinguish her voice because it's almost monotonic.

Nicole and Gyuri's voices in the KARA4 songs were not as pitchy as they are now. Nicole back then had this low voice. With the KARA5 songs, I can only distinguish voices for certain parts because GyulHamCole sings high notes differently. As for Jiyoung, her voice almost sounds like Ham but she has this style where her voice is kind of cracking. Can't describe well. >_<.

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Hmm... Sometimes I can distinguish all their voices, but sometime I can't. Theirs are unique, that's why. But I always can distiguish Cole dan Gyul's voice

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