Whose voices can you distinguish?

Whose voices can you distinguish?  

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  1. 1. Whose voices can you distinguish?

    • Gyuri
    • Seungyeon
    • Sunghee
    • Hara
    • Nicole
    • Jing

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4 Me its totally gyuri at the most. Then i notice hara singing n i'm look oo it's hara haha. then i hear Jiyoung. I can;t too much compare Seungyeon n Nicole QQ

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I know when each girl is singing and this has to be the only group that I can do that with so easily. The other girl groups I need to listen over and over to really know or even watch it with the MV but KARA girls are all unique :)

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when listening to KARA 4/5 at first, it was quite difficult to knows whos voice is who, but after generally listening to so much KARA music/shows(aswell as being a big fan afterwards), i already knew all of their voices/songs off by heart.


all their voices are unique, its so easy to tell apart which part is theirs when they are singing.

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For me, I think Nicole and Gyuri's voices are the most distinguiable (did I wrote it right?? :unsure: )

Hara's voice is also very distinguisable, but only when she's speaking, but when she's singing, her voice blended so well with Seungyeon and Jiyoung's voices . Nicole, on the other hand, have a unique way of singing. The same goes for Gyuri :thumbup1:

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I'm a new fan, so it's still hard to distiguish which is who. But I start to recognised Gyuri's voice since it has a slightly higher pitch than other's. Also Jiyoung is mostly open for song, so the first lyric is mostly her voice. I don't speak Korean so I couldn't notice Nicole's different accent. Still try to recognised the rest now. :sweatdrop:

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