Favorite Hairstyle for Maknae


Favorite Hairstyle for Maknae  

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  1. 1. What hairstyle do you think fits Ji Young the best?

    • Straight bangs, straight hair
    • Straight bangs, wavy hair
    • No bangs, straight hair
    • No bangs, pigtails
    • Straight bangs, pigtails
    • Straight bangs, high bun
    • Straight bangs, side buns
    • Straight bangs, side ponytail
    • Side bangs, wavy hair, with beanie
    • 0
    • 0

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I voted the second option, but this picture she is with the side fringe and wavy hair, didn't see this option there. I love this picture and I love how your hair is wavy and divine in it.               KJY.jpg

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i dont really like her hairstyle in damaged lady the first hairstyle. they made it look like she has an elongated face. the straight hair jiyoung is so great.. she looks beautiful and sexy at the same time

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