[2009.07.20] Kara Reveals Comeback Still Shot: "How's our continuing makeover?"


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omg, i can`t wait for more releases of

KARA's concept pics!

they look hot! haha.

Jiyoung surprised me the most!

just check out her pose there. :)

everyone looks gorgeous.

thank you TING for translating

the article!

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wow that photo is absolutely GORGEOUS!!

ahhh oh my god, after waiting for so long, finallly!!

Gyuri is soooooooooooooooooo hot oh my god, the girls look greatt

THANK YOU DSP! they seem to be investing a lot of time into this comeback, and I'm assuming Kara is going back to being a powerful group

i'm hoping for stronger vocals and dance moves now, and with this picture, they are going to be hottttttttttttttttttttttt :)

aiyaa... sorry i normally don't freak out like this but oh my god !!


anyways, i'm loooking forward to updates on their photo concepts!

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Oh man I am loving the new concept. Thank goodness they are doing a different concept.

Cute is iight but I'm so tired of it so I'm happy Kara is going with the fierce, wet sexy looking.

I love how Nicole is the only one smiling...& man Gyuri looks fierce.

I didn't even recongize JinYoung...did she lose some weight or something? Maybe she just grew into her baby fat...she looks grown & mature...

YAY!! I comeback from my vacation just in time for their comeback..

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finally that day will come...

can't wait for it...maybe i start counting down from today till the 30th ^o^

anw, Gyul looks so sexy! :lol: Jiyong looks totally different.. can't even recognize her (omg!!!)

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the picture is like... wow!!! call an ambulance for me at once... they all look so great and sexy in white outfits with they hair a little wet like that~ still, the cuteness stays~~

leader is so beautiful and look at her face, the most beautiful face figure ever!!!

but something is not right... how come delicious leader and SeungYeon are taller than Makmae lol???

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WOOTS COMEBACK IN 10 DAYS! 8D Let the countdown begin!

The new pic is hawt! Fierce, sexy, and somehow still giving off that innocent vibe - maybe it's all the white? (:

I can't help but wonder what SY is standing on to make her taller than maknae

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omg. i wanna cry! literally! :lol:

the girls looks so hot and sexy lol

but still..no matter how hot and sexy they look..

i always find it cute! lol

askfjaksghjkh! spazz attack! lol

jiyoung! she's so cute! she looks different! see..she can soo pull sexy! :P

and gyuri! no more extensions!? YESS! :o

and ham, hara, and nicole = smokin hot! lol

DSP is serious this time!

no more CUTESY cute!


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whoooooaaaa. seriously too-hot-too-handle! i cant waiiit!!! they all look so fierce,especially gyul and hara!!! the people at a site i first read this news about was raving with all the comments like baby jing looks hot even though she's young and how hot they are in the pics! kara hwaiting!

and to DSP people who really listened to the people this time to shed the cute image, thank you! you did the right thing!

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so excited!! all of them so pretty!! ji young and gyuri look like twin in the picture lol.. Nicole still look cute!

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It's a good preview of their next comeback and I wish their concept will be similar to this photo !

When I saw this picture, I imediatly think about Secret World and I love it !

The girls are all so gorgeous and JiYoung is so pretty : I couldn't believe It was really her at first lol.

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Guest maraaa

wow. they look matured in that picture. i can't wait for their comeback!

jiyoung looks matured. she doesn't seem to be a '94.

gyuri. LOL. i sort of see her as a beautiful and matures woman, but on the other hand, i also see her as a cool and handsome guy. is it just me or does she really look like a guy in that picture? gyul eonni or gyul oppa? haha!

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In just a few minutes, I think I'm gonna cry. Lol. `Coz they all look so freakin' gorgeous <3

My eyes went straight to Seungyeon when I saw the picture~! One of her rare non-smiling-but-still-rocking photos. And ohhhh wow, maknae looks so different! Almost didn't recognize her <333 She looks so mature--- since she's super white, the make-up looks crazy good on her <3 And on Hara, too!

Gyuri the goddess <333 Nicole looks so amazing T___T Aaaah, they look so awesome! I'm out of words? Haha, good job DSP! Super loving it ((((: Kara hwaiting!

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