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What do you think of Revolution?

Favourite song from Revolution?   103 members have voted

  1. 1. Which song made you go WOW?

    • 미스터 (Mister)
    • Wanna
    • 마법 (Magic)
    • 몰래몰래 (Secretly Secretly)
    • Let It Go
    • Take A Bow
    • AHA

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note: i chose to leave out Same Heart and the instrumentals from the poll. ^_^

hmmmm where do i start.. ehehe

well it is definitely a REVOLUTION... the girls have developed and matured so much... ^_^

i know its very hard to compare Revolution with First Blooming, but i must admit all the tracks on Revolution are top notch, ahhhh the girls should be proud... an amazing album indeed :D

*cough* i hope AHA is the next single *cough*

Review: im going to leave it very simple ^_^

01. 미스터 (Mister) 10/10

02. Wanna 9.5/10

03. 마법 (Magic) 9/10

04. 몰래몰래 (Secretly Secretly) 9/10

05. Let It Go 9/10

06. Take A Bow 10/10

07. AHA 10/10

08. 똑 같은 맘 (Same Heart) 8/10

lol obvious bias... ^_^

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they're all soooo good. i almost want all of them to be the next single. :thumbup: haha

i'm liking Let it Go too. DSP said that they worked harder on this album then their previous ones, and he meant it when he said that. lol

GyuCole's rap in magic is lovely too.

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Ahh the new album! Listening to it at the moment (currently up to Magic), so I'll do a comprehensive review later. But I must say the first three tracks (and the only ones I've listened so far) are amazing. They really show a different, more mature, side to Kara that we've all been missing ever since the new Kara came out.

Will come back to edit this later!!




This is a really great album-opener, but the constantly-repeated "Mister" can get quite annoying after a few listens. I like it that the girls are singing in a lower register though - it really helped to push the mature feel through. Plus, the "Lalalalalalala" part is addicting! GyulHamCole's string of adlibs near the end is pretty great too. I can't figure out whose voice end the song though, I think it's Gyul's? Nevermind it's Cole <3


Very catchy. I actually don't find the "..I love you" part that annoying, even if it's repeated so many times. I have a feeling that this is going to be a very fun song to perform on stage - maybe one of the reasons why DSP chose it as the title song? It can really get the crowd going, with the fast rhythm and addicting melody and choreography.


First of all, I must mention that the instrumental is lovely! The girls' voices are really soothing and in a lower register, which brings back fond memories from the Kara4 days. Other than the great melody and great vocal, I like the way that the girls are singing too - full of emotion, I can almost feel them about to cry (even though I have no idea what the lyric means..) Oh yeah, Gyul's rap is lovely too! Haven't heard her rap in such a long time~ I love SY's ending line in the song; ends off the song perfectly (:

Secretly Secretly

This track has such a soothing feel! It really brings the audience out of the melancholic mood created by Magic. Again, reminiscence of the Kara4 days, but, at the same time, it also has the charm that the new Kara now holds.

Let It Go

Seductive? LOL. It's the first word that came to my mind haha. Suave? Sassy? Definitely sexy in a lady panther kind of way. This is something that the new Kara has never tried before, and they made this transition perfectly. Love Cole's rap and her "hush" at the end of her rap. Her adlib is amazing, too. She really improved as a singer a LOT, I must say. GyulHamCole truly shines in this track, mostly because of their adlibs. Jing and Hara did quite lovely too, although I don't really hear much of Hara.

Take A Bow

Wow, what a rapid transition from Let It Go. Take A Bow is a fun, summery song with a soothing melody. Take a bow, take a bow~ The chorus is actually pretty addicting (: The girls perfected this track as well~ It really shows the versatility of Kara.


AHH I absolutely LOVE this track, although I do find the intro a tad weird (I think it's the rhythm). Ahh the addicting "LALALALALA" strikes again! This song showcases the lovely charm that ONLY Kara has. I really can't imagine any other girl groups performing this song. I love the chorus - Aha, aha, baby baby call me! - which is actually not that easy to sing as it can get quite high. I like how this track is placed near the end of the album as it can get the audience quite hyped up, haha. On a side note, I think Nicole may be high when she sing the "What can I do... I like it like it..." part. So bubly, haha!

Same Heart

They edited out the "IMusician" part out! D: I really like SY's voice during that part...

Now back to the track.. to be honest, I never really liked the song when it was released. Rephrase, I liked it, but I never really got into it. It's a bit on the sugary side. Hm, but it's a fun summer track, and an adequate ending track to the album.

The INSTRUMENTALS! How can anyone miss them? lol.

I don't know how to review instrumentals, but they sound pretty darn good.

In all, I LOVE this album! Like I said before, it really showcases Kara's versatility and maintains Kara's charm.



Maybe we can post some of our reviews on YesAsia? Just to show how highly fans think of this new album! 8D

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We keep losing hope in DSP but he just proves us all wrong in the end! :thumbup:

I'm in love with Let It Go. It's just so sexy, never heard the girls like this before, Nicole's rap is extra sexy, I've only ever heard her rap with her cute voice. The new sultry husky rap just leaves me speechless.

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I love all the songs but i pick magic...

kara revolution! go! go!

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i'm so in love with this album!

i hope "aha " is the next song they promote too! :thumbup: i really like this song

and i like nicole's english talking in the beginning<33

baby baby call me~

the song i ABSOLUTELY really love are "magic" cause of gyucole's rap<33

i didn't expect gyul to rap again! so i was very happy!

i was hoping for this for a long time!!

and "secretly, secretly" that song is so beautiful!!

these two songs gives me the feeling of when sunghee was still in the group.. ^_^

wanna well..i just like the song. i reminds me of pretty girl lol

"take a bow" i ike this song alot too!

if they dont promote aha next, i'm hoping they'll promote this one!

and if not those two songs then "Let it go"

its sounds so different! i love the voices in it.

its so sexy! ^_^ and i love nicole's short rap

"mister" hmm..not one of my favorites but i still like it

and whoever does the ending note [gyul/ham?] wow..amazing..powerful!

i really hear how much hara and jjing improved! i'm so proud of them! ^_^

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I love "Mollae Mollae", "Take A Bow" and "AHA".

If they promote any of those three <3 kyahh.

Let It Go has Nicole rapping yay!

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My top three favorite songs are Magic, Secretly Secretly and Let It Go, if they promote any of that I'll be very happy.

I'm happy that Gyul rap in this album, I've wanted to hear her rap again ever since I heard her rap in Already One Year.

For some reason the beat of Let It Go reminds me of spy movie soundtrack or something. Quite different, but I like it a lot.

I always loved Kara's ballad more than their dance songs. But overall this a very good album, love most of the songs. Definitely worth buying :(

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this is my first album review since KARA5 lol just bcos i feel so excited now :D :D :D


How they repeat "Mis-ta mis-ta" sounds quite annoying to my ears lol but OMG except the chorus, i like this song so much!!!! I can see why it was competing against Wanna XD

마법 (Magic) & Secretly Secret

omg these could be my most favourite tracks! Nooooooo >_< im TOTALLY in love with them!!!! Its like.. really new from KARA right? it sounds really mature.. and know what, putting this slow paced song after the very fast and upbeat Mister & Master is a good sorting of DSP, imo HAHA bringing back very peaceful feelings lol for a long time i've waited for KARA releasing songs like this, what a dream comes true LOOOL XDDDDD

Let it go~ seems like a lot of you guys like it! XD i think it has the most variation in melody compared to other songs? but like Aha, i dont feel this song yet XD i guess if this song is brought into performance, or given a choreo, or i.e is visualized, i may fall in love with it quickly :)

Take a bow is definitely the cutest song in the album lol it has a lot of vibe of previous mini albums, bright and.. lively? haha i like their "its alright~!" line <333 if there's a mv for this song, it must be having scenes of them playing around lol

oh here comes Aha on the player...

anyone or only me find the beginning sounds ... weird? lmao! to me there is hard notes there, Nicole's voice is a bit.. shaking? and i have to keep replaying that part to see whose voice is the loudest during the "lalalalala" LOL okay now its getting to the chorus.. dang haha this song is actually hard having a lot of high notes! and its even brighter than Take a bow XD too bright for me actually, erh.. not really feeling it XD

overall!! true, their music has grown a lot in this album! or i should say, DSP finally put more investment into our girls :( this is called "upgrade" right? Thank you DSP lol! I cant wait when my two CD & DVD orders arrive my home, wheeee <33333333

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1.미스터 (Mister) - 9/10 ; the song indeed is very catchy. I love the chorus! I prefer them singing in a

Lower range / pitch than high. The blonde wigs will match this song well (: la la la la la la la la, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, do it!

2. Wanna - 9/10 ; I'm glad this song is the start of their new blooming. It's catchy and perfect for a

New transition. I know this song will grab awards and new fans this year.

3. 마법 (Magic) - 9/10 ; sounds so calming and heart warming. I love the R&B beat and it reminds me

Of Kara's slow songs on their 1st album. Their soulful voices have returned. I'm glad Gyul got a rap in

This song. She's very good at rapping and she should get more rapping lines!

4. 몰래몰래 (Secretly Secretly) - 7/10 - the song is similar to My Darling from their 2nd mini album. I love GyulHamCole's high notes at the end.

5. Let It Go - 6/10 ; I like the song but the beat is similar to Flo Rida's song "Right Round". I'd prefer

Them not to promote this song 'cause I don't want them to get stuck in any copyright situation. Plus

Some are already making this a topic. Eh, I like it a lot though!

6. Take A Bow - 8/10 ; ah this is a cute song! Sounds like Tinkerbell as some parts (: doo doo doo,

I'm your girl ~

7. AHA - 10/10 ; cute, I love Cole's english in the beginning! Whao, one of my favorite song from the

Album! Trance & Techo beat, la la la la la ~ I hope this is their second single for this album. I can

Imagine them dancing already.

# Jing has been starting the songs off well! Our maknae has grown up and improved tremendously!

It's getting hard to tell who sings which part. I love the fact that they're singing in a lower range and

Are using their normal comfortable tones in various songs. OMG, this album is amazing! We've

Underestimated these ladies this time. They've proved us wrong, lots of improvement in their vocals

And DSP is finally stepping up his game (: I hope they promote Aha & Mister next!

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I'm in loooo~ve with the whole album, really. @_@ Thank youuu, DSP. <3

미스터 [Mister]: I love their " La, la, la, la, la~ " in there. It creates this nice rhythm. 8D I think " Mista " is repeated too much, though. This song is one of my favorites, either way. ~ It has this cool, disco-beat dance feel to it ! I can see why they're performing it. Their voices sound really mature. n_n

Wanna: Definitely the catchiest song in the album, to me. I like some of the other songs better, but I think this was a good title track. It's the door-opener from the cuter days to their more mature days ! I really like the wardrobe they have for this song, too. Puahahah- I'm biased because I don't know how'd they dress for the other songs. :'D

마법 [Magic] & 몰래몰래 [secretly, Secretly]: These really remind me of the old KARA. They're slow-paced and you can hear their strong vocals. 8D It's all ... intense, for a lack of a better word. XD 몰래몰래 has to be my favorite song in the album so far. ~ I'm biased, though, because it's the song I've made myself listen to the most. C'x

Let It Go: Love Cole's part at the beginning ! Her voice is all taunting and sexy. ~ The song overall has this American pop feel to it ? I can imagine this as one of BEG's songs, though. O: I'm not 1OO% in love with this yet, even though Cole's rapping is love <3, but if I see it with a choreography- Maybe ! It's just hard for me to imagine them up on stage dancing to this song, right now. XD

Take A Bow: The most bubble-gummy song in the album. XD Mmm- I think this is good as an album song, but not as a song I'd want the girls to follow-up with. n_n; I can imagine this performed in an environment that's a mix of Pretty Girl and Rock U ? 8D

Aha: Love their "Aha~" at the beginning, for some reason. C: It leans toward the cutesy-side with Take A Bow. I'm totally immersed with it yet, but maybe a few more listens will do the trick ? ~ It gives off the same vibe to me as Take A Bow. XD

If the girls do a follow-up song to Wanna, WHICH I HOPE THEY WILL <33, I hope they promote Mister. 8D They are performing it with their comeback, so- Who knows ? XD And 몰래몰래 as a fiii~nal stage ? I love that song too much for them to not perform it. TT___TT

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Mister : I really like the beat of this song because It has this retro disco feel in it.

And I love how their voices sound in this song !


Wanna : The music of the song is amazing and I imediatly fall for this.

But the lyrics are plain and too repeatitive.

I think It's a good choice as a song to promote becausewe can't deny It's a very catchy song.


Magic : Nice song and their voices are so good. I don't know yet what the song is talking about

but just by listening to it, we can feel something very emotive. I love it !


Secretly, Secretly : It sounds a little like Magic but I like it less than Magic lol.

But why are their voices so good ?


Let It Go : Love Love Love this song ! They sound so sexy in this one and especially Nicole !

My favorite song of this album so far !


Take a Bow : The most cute pop song of the album. It reminds me of their songs from Rock U mini-album but a little more mature. It's the song I like the less but It's still a good one.


AHA : This song is amazing. From the beat of the music to their voices, I love everything !

It's exactly the kind of song I wanted to hear from them.


Same Heart : I liked this song when It came out and I still like it !


Revolution doesn't disapoint me at all but is even better than I expected. DSP and KARA have worked hard and they offer us a very good album. I like all the songs and some are pure gold ! KARA present a variety of styles and shows us different style of them. This album is simply amazing and I find that It's one of the best of this year. Moreover since time I wanted to hear our Gyuri rap : she is just so great at it and I'm happy DSP let her do that.

I wish they choose Let It Go, AHA or Mister as their next song to promote.

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Mister -7.5/10: It's a nice dance song.. but i like the chorus the best b/c it's so strong. I wonder what the reaction would have been liked if this was their title song instead.

Wanna- 8/10: At first when I heard it I thought it was too repetitive but it's a song and like someone else mentioned a good introduction from cute KARA to a more mature version :)

Magic 9.5/10: I like the R&B feeling and it's so calm and their vocals are so soft and pretty. I love the orchestra!! I love listening to it. Yea GyulCole tag team rapping is awesome.

Secretly Secretly- 9.5/10: I loved this song automatically :)..i like how the song is divided from the normal/low tone vocals to the sweet sounding chorus. SO pretty! It really reminds me of KARA 4 too. I liked Jiyoung's voice in the ending part where she sings.. really good.

Let It Go - 9.5/10: I like the way they all sing in this song.. I knew in the preview most people (internationally) would love this song and i must admit it sounded very nice cause it reminded me of American songs.. but wow the vocals are so strong.. i LOVED Nicole's adlib!! She gets better and better and i never thought she could have such a strong powerful voice :lol:.. Overall, it's a very nice commercial song and it displays their vocals.. from looking at those black/white photos, this song would have matched perfectly.

Take A Bow - 8/10: Take a bow, take a bow :lol:.. darn catchy lol. It's young and cute.

Aha - 7/10: I didn't have a opinion at first but now that all of you mentioned how it's a nice song.. i can see them performing this but it's still cute XD. Especially the call me line lol.. it's been used like recently so i don't know..

The album is awesome, I would rate it 9.5/10.. it has a mix of powerful sounding sounds to sweet light ballads to fun dance songs. Jiyoung and Hara's voices match the others and i like how they improved and found their own style :). I think i was the most impressed with Nicole, i think she shows that she's a good solid singer that improves and can surprise you. Gyuri and SeungYeon, i didn't really hear anything new from them but that's because both were already solid singers lol. I liked hearing them singing the songs with the strong vocals though. I can't wait for my album to get here!!

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Review time! :lol:

Kara's Revolution on a whole is very well produced, from the different images conveyed, part distribution, the instrumentals and the song choice - everything was thought out meticulously. The album caters to all fans with its mixture of dance, hip hop, pop, and ballads, each bringing a different flavour to Kara's image. Now for a track run-down!


A great way to start off the album, this track really gets you moving to the music. Their string of vocals following the upbeat vibe of this song is a great build up for their powerful chorus. Plus the "Lalalala's" are rather addicting!


Next is the title track, with the MV and album released, it really makes this song so much better than my initial impression. Great beat, and keeps the feeling going from Mister. The most addicting song on the album for me.


Such a nice break from all the excitement of Mister and Wanna, Magic has a soothing vibe. The vocals are amazingly sexy with the girls singing in their lower tones. The instrumentals also fit well with their voices. The GyuCole rap duo was the highlight of the song for me, just amazing!

Secretly Secretly

This song picks up from Magic and brings the album back up to a brighter mood. Another beautiful song that reminds listeners of the Kara4 days. Really impressed with the way it turned out.

Let It Go

I have to say this song really grew on me, from Nicole's hot introduction (very reminiscent of Kara4 image with the line "boys... they never learn do they?") to the sexy vibe that exudes from the beat. The vocals are so different from their usual sound... playing with different tones and range as they drag on some of their end notes~ The slowdown by seungyeon and gyuri which led to Nicole's amazing adlibs was the highlight of the song for me.

Take A Bow

Enough sexy time, the girls deliver a more mature cute feeling with this song. The beat somehow reminds me of Sung Eun's "I'll Kiss You"... think it's just the slight christmasy feeling i'm getting from it. Anyhow I liked it, the girls should definitely take a bow for their efforts in this album as a whole.


From the previews, this song got me singing to it the fastest with the lines "A-ha A-ha baby baby call me~" Such a cute song, makes me think of their To My Boyfriend performance. Such a light and fun song perfect for summer! And I love the Sy/Gyuri part!

Same Heart

I find myself waiting for the "I-Musician" part but it's gone from this version... I still really love this song though!

So... that's that... if I had to choose I can't pick my favourite song. I find myself playing the whole album with no preferential treatment at all!

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01 미스터 (Mister): 7.5 /10 It has a retro style, like everyone said before. But, I'm not really digging this song. And I think the chorus gets a bit annoying.

02 Wanna: 9/10 This song is the main title. I think it's a good choice, because it gives a feel of mystery, sexiness and cuteness. I don't think the repetitiveness is annoying here, but it could be less. The part "I wanna think about" is so catchy that you start to sing a long while listenning.

03 마법 (Magic): 10/10 It's a nice ballad that it makes you remeber the Kara-4. It's really realxing. I liked a lot and Gyuri's rap is love.

04 몰래몰래 (Secretly Secretly): 10/10 Another ballad, but a little more upbeat than the previous track. I like the part where you hear the sound of claps.

05 Let It Go: 8/10 Has chances to be the second single to be promoted. It's a dance song and they sound sexy. Nicole's part is the climax. But, after a while I could get sick. "Let It Go" is good.

06 Take A Bow: 9.5/10 This is the cute Kara. It's soft, but very fun song. It makes you to smile.

07 Aha: 10/10 This song is amazing. It shout 'KARA'.

08 Same Heart: 9/10 I love this song and I'm so happy that it's in the album. It matches with the summer.

Final = 9.125 .It's a very good album. Nothing to be dissapointed.

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My Favourite tracks :

1. Wanna --> absolutely addictive and nice...

2. 몰래몰래 --> my favourite ballad song...so lovely...

3. Aha --> very pleasant song...

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i really like the whole album

probably being biased oh wells

my favorite besides wanna is take a bow and mister :D

and secretly secretly reminds me of maple story the first few secondss xD

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미스터 (Mister) >> 8/10

I really like the intro and the beat for it. My favorite part is after the intro and before the chorus when they're kind of-sort of rapping. I like how it's in the lower registers; it helps the song sound more mature. 1:27 is so cool. I love the dip there. The "la la la la la la" parts after the "mister!" is incredibly catchy and definitely a song that I could listen to when I want to dance, haha.

Wanna >> 8.5/10

This is the main song, and it's addicting and lovely but I have to admit that the song grows on you. Still has somewhat of a cutesy sound to it, and it's heavily chorus-based, but it's a nice charming song that (after a while) refuses to leave your head. haha.

마법 (Magic) >>9/10

Coolest. intro. ever. The beat is insane. I love it. A slow, soothing song that I'd probably listen to on a rainy day. It's a nice break from all the fast songs like Magic and Wanna and I love how soft the girls' voices are. So lovely. And I think I hear violins at some parts. @_@ It'd be so awesome if they could sing this song with a live orchestra behind them.

몰래몰래 (Secretly Secretly) >> 9.5/10

I like the vocals in this song. It's slow-paced and their voices are just lkdjfslkjdf. I really want them to perform this one live. It's a good contrast with Wanna and it shows off their talent. It sounds really sweet but for some reason it seriously reminds me of an OST song. Not that it's a bad thing, but every time I listen to it I picture the whole scene with the guy and the girl breaking up, too. And then the girl walking away when it's kind of drizzling and stuff. But this song is really sweet and charming.

Let It Go >> 9/10

I like this song. It sounds like it has attitude. Fierce. I like the beat and the the way the song flows. It's a different style from the other songs, from the way they kind of drag out some of the notes and turn it into a different sound to the way their voices sound more... different? I feel like they changed their singing style for this song. Love the intro and Nicole really surprised me with this song~ in a good way, of course. I had no idea her voice could get so sexy and low haha.

Take A Bow >> 9.5/10

I really love this song. I like the harmonized, "Take a bow, take a bow," in the beginning. The song sounds really sweet and "pick-me-up" ish. It just makes me really happy. It's really cutesy, but in a different, charming, kind of way. I really wish DSP would make an MV of this with bts scenes of the girls goofing off. It'd match well, imo.

AHA >> 7.5/10

For some reason I don't like the second half of the song that much. The beginning, I like. The "aha" is cute and stuff, but the constant repetition comes off more as annoying than catchy for me. The "oh oh oh oh baby won't you call me~" part is cute, though (:

Secretly Secretly and Take a Bow are my favorite songs. I'm impressed by how much money and thought and quality DSP put into this album. (: I like how Hara and Jing improved, their voices flow with the other girls' very well. I'm glad that there was a variety of songs in this album, from charming fun songs to dance tracks to ballads. I'm really listening to a lot of ballad songs these days and I love the ones that were in this album. They're calming and charming and soothing <3. I'd give the album an overall of 9/10 and applaud DSP for producing such a good album (:

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Ah I guess I shall rate it up too! I think I like a weird array of the songs haha.

Mister: 8/10

Wanna: 9/10

마법: 7/10

몰래몰래: 8/10

Let It Go: 8/10

Take A Bow: 10/10

Aha: 9/10

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After listening to the whole album on repeat, I love and replay all the songs except Take A Bow and Same Heart.

Same Heart, to me, is old news. I replayed it so much back then until I got sick of it. They should have remade it and put in a rap, maybe that would have made it more interesting.

Take A Bow is cute, but too repetitive, not in the good way like Wanna. I think the one thing that saved it was the adding of "baby". >_<

Let It Go is still my favourite. Nicole's sexy "Boys, they never learn, do they?" was sooooo awesome, I could picture a group of sultry vengeful women in a 50s nightclub. :D They just stretch the one note so seductively, and the adlib!!! So amazing!!!

AHA, I really like it. :) The melody hit all the right places, and I absolutely loved Jiyoung at the bridge, what a change!! It's such a Kara song, Nicole sure went hyper for the rap!! :D

Secretly Secretly is one of my favourites. I love how they let Hara and Jiyoung have alot of lines, their voices have improved. However, it makes it harder for me to recognize them. xD

Magic was very soothing. I didn't realize till I heard the instrumental that there are violins and cellos in the background, and the main melody is a harp!! The rap was amazing too, very sad and beautiful, Gyuri can really rap!!

Mister is very catchy, you can hear the maturity in their voices.

Wanna, I was a little uneasy about it being a hit, but now I know Kara made the right choice making it their first single. It's catchy in a way that stays with you, and sooo danceable!! :D

Overall, one of my favourite albums!!!

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I'm so glad they took the chance to break out into some new styles and even bring back some of the old magic from the first album :D

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