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Name: Park Gyuri [박규리]
Birthday: May 21, 1988
Blood Type: AB
Birth Place: Seoul, Korea

Currently attending Dongduk Women's University (majoring in Broadcasting Communications)

Watching Movies

Favorite Color: Purple
Nicknames: Gyul, Goddess, Mirror Princess, Shikshin, Carrot
Pets: KingKangie, Nadia, Popo (puppy)

Radio DJ
Playing Piano
Voice Dubbing
Fluent in Japanese



Appeared in drama/sitcom Today is a Nice day(age 7)
Appeared in drama Ladies of the Palace (age 14)
KBS Star Golden Bell
MBC Parody Theater (Lead Role)
Urakara as herself
Jewelry House
What is Mom (Cameo)
Reckless Family (Lead Role)
Nail Salon Paris (Lead Role)
Narrator on 'Real Man" with Hara
MC for SBS 'The Show: All About K-Pop' with Seungyeon

KBS Radio Sukira
Kiss the Radio
SBS Donggo Dongrak Radio
MBC Starry Night Radio
MBC Shim Shim Ta Pa Radio (DJ, May'10 - Oct'11)

I Look at Only You (City Hunter OST)
I Love You More Than The Soul (Delicious Life OST)
Daydream (Solo Song)
Breaking Fate (The Great Seer OST)
Kiss (Galileo 2 OST)

Day After - Hong Kyung Min & Park Gyuri
Let's Go (G20 Seoul Summit Theme Song) - Various Artists
My Love (Daemul OST) - Park Gyuri & Kang Jiyoung
Indecisive (Love is Elsewhere OST) - Park Gyuri & Hyun Young (Rainbow)

Child Model
Alpha & Omega (Voice Dubbing) - Park Gyuri & Shindong
Female lead in 200 Pounds Beauty Musical (2011)
KARA The Animation as herself

Girls Like Pomegrenates CF
KARAYA with Hara & Jiyoung
Nature Republic with Hara & Jiyoung
Shu Uemura
Anna Sui
Soy Carat (KARA)
Cuvilady (KARA)
K-Swiss (KARA)
K-Food Ambassadors (KARA)

Get to know Gyuri better:
She came up with the group name KARA, which means Sweet Melody in Greek
She is the daughter of popular voice dubber Park Sohyun
She is the only child
She's allergic to dogs but takes medicine so she can be around dogs
Is a HUGE H.O.T fan
Originally called Yeoshin, Goddess by fans and it stuck
She wants to venture into acting in the future but would like to be known as a singer
She's visited many countries
Her ideal boyfriend has to be manly
Also a big fan of Tiger JK
She's known to be extremely witty
Has insomnia frequently
She trained in SM for awhile, was even asked if she wanted to join CJSH
One of her closest friends is Eunjung (T-ara)
Loves Western dishes especially those mixed with cheese or cream
Unlike her Goddess image for tv, she is actually really humble

Credit: Haejin, timstarr , Mae (editing)+ KARAholic

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I'm curious about one thing: does she really refer to her fans as her "minions" or "followers" all the time? Sorry, I'm a newbie fan so I dunno much yet XD

lol i have never seen or heard her call fans "minions" .. she calls fans "my people" lol.. yes she does it quite often usually when she writes in her cyworld entries.. she starts with something like "hi my people..." :D...

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My friend who isn't that into k-pop saw me watching Kara videos on my laptop so she joined in. She pointed to Gyuri and said "I don't like her. She's too beautiful it's unreal! Probably due to lots of plastic surgery." I said "Oh no. here look at some of her pics as a child." Well she was amazed that Gyul was a natural beauty.

Can't blame her for thinking that, Gyuri really is so beautiful it's unreal!

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