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I just watched KARA's first showcase in Japan last night, and couldn't stop laughing watching her actions being the Goddess. What really funny was I thought she really spoke Japanese, but at the end of the show, she actually forgot her lines..

It's very refreshing, I think, to see her playing goddess and teasing Seongyeon. Even so, I could see instantly that she is very caring towards others.

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ok I just visited this thread after seeing Gyuri's birthday on another thread but SURPRISE surprised, May birthday is the EXACT same day as Park Gyuri our resident Beauty Goddess of Kara. Dang small world, and I'm sooooo freaking happy right now coz I have the same birthday as a Kara member. hahahaha oh boy this is kewl.

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:):thumbup: I try to put everything in my mind and remember her profile...

Park Gyuri, you're my goddes... :tongue:

I LOVE YOU, girls...

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