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  • 2 weeks later...

Cole posted it directly to that Always Smile fansite?? :energetic: Still watching her IG dance vids? haha I do! Can this be true that she actually wasn't born dancer?  :shocked:  Only hard working as she's claming? Event that dance teacher lack sth from Cole (: Or it's simply that I can't focus on anything but our tweetie :OCZgm:

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1tkloen(the leading record company in South Korea in terms of revenue)

well I'm no expert :confused: but this one u've mentioned might do the job (: everything's gonna be cleared out in a matter of days. right now i'm too absorbed with Cole's arrival - the show has started already :catwalk:

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[instagram] Nicole with Chino + Friend @ You Need My Yogurt




Bad girl :gemhoho:  Cole You're killin me with this sight :OCZgm:  Fallin over again :dead: aaaa!! ottoke I could do nothing but stare at those beautiful eyes :aha:


With Fan




credit to: ournikori

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I'm not complaining, but ... she didn't spent little time training in USA? Seriously, I thought she was going to stay longer there.

But thankfully she's back! :geminluv:  Will we see our Cole soon?~~~~~~~~ 


they did mention she would stay a few months which  she did :)

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