Which Kara song is most played on your playlist?


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Hmm.. for me, number 1 song of Kara would be Mister. I'm not really sure why but it just feels that way for me.

la la la la la la~ *butt dance*

Edit: The only thing I came up with so far is because Mister is LEGENDARY along with its butt dance ^^

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Well on my ipod

Lupin - 729

Mister(Jap) - 438

Were With You - 308

Mister - 457

Honey - 490

Pretty Girl - 383

all my other songs are probably only like around 20-70.

im scared that somehow

bingeul bingeul - 1601

bonamana - 1435

and ive only had my ipod for 1 month o.O

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