Which Kara song is most played on your playlist?


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i love all kara's song,but this days i listen the most to Mister and i dance it lol

and SOS i love this song

Jumping and i jump hahaha

and Lupin i love this song,it's bcoz of this wonderful song i know kara,i always try to do the dance but i can't lol

(sorry guys for my bad english)


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1) JUMPING *I played it a lot recently and made it first on my phone's most played songs

2) MISTER! *Lalalalalala~~




Actually I played almost all of their songs everyday, but those five are the most often!! :inluv:

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mine is "Thank you" (uraKARA OST)

i'm dying to listen the full version of this song!!

first time i listen to it i really love it and addicted to it..playing urakara repeatedly :rolleyes:

since jcl is not release yet i'hv to wait.... :crying:

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My favourite is Mister because it's the song that really hooked me in.

The dance is adorable and the tune gets stuck in my head all the time!

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