Which Kara song is most played on your playlist?


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Mister : 2,156

Lupin : 1,406

Jumping (Jap.) : 1,206

Jumping (Kor.) : 1,078

Wanna : 579

Honey : 326

Magic: 838

Love Is: 294


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Rock U, Honey, We're with you, Naneun..ing, Mister. I just play these songs over and over again.

Right now, I'm listening to Ima Okuritai 'Arigatou' for most of my waking hours. I think my neighbors have probably memorized the song because I play it aloud and repeatedly :lol:

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Love is, Honey, We're with you, Mister, Wanna, Lupin, Jumping, 私は・・・(ing), Same heart,

and right now I'm listening Ima Okuritai Arigatou, I love this song so much

especially the MV, I'm glad this song has MV

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the number 1 song of Kara's that i could never get tired of....is Pretty Girl. i love this song because i love waiting til the end when they go yeah...ye..e yeah yeah... i dont know i just love that part!!! but i like all of their songs just this one the most i guess!!

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