What is your favorite dance from KARA?


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there are a lot of dance from Kara that i'll always remember,,

their dance always being populer back then,,

but still,,

my favourit dance is Mister dance,,


butt dance..

even thought i can't dance it well but i love it because i think Kara are the only one who can dancing it!!

there are no one can do that dance well as good as Kara's member..

Kara is the best!! :thumbup:

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lol i really dont know

because i usually like the dances from a girl group

that show of their talent more haha

so like for example snsd it wld be into the new world

and so forth

but... idk. hahahaha

since all of kara's dances are equally hard in a way

and all of kara dance really well

but im gonan have to go with lupin cuz... idk

nothing beats lupin for me xD

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I like both the "butt dance" and the "exit dance", but right now my favorite is the "jumping dance" it's very energetic and sexy (Nicole really stands out in this one :eyelove: )

ahha the exit dance. The first time I heard that :). I really like Mister dance routine, I love hara's booty xD

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  • 2 weeks later...

I really love Mister.. the butt dance.. :DDD

keke.. they're so cute & sexy at the same time.. :DDD

plus i really love seungyeon & nicole's hairstyle there<3333

but i love Lupin.. so powerful~!!!

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