Which Kara member has most potential of being an Andre Kim model?


Which member has the most chance to be an Andre Kim model?  

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  1. 1. Which member has the most chance to be an Andre Kim model?

    • Gyuri
    • Seungyeon
    • Sunghee
    • Nicole
    • Hara
    • Jiyoung

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...Weird question, but I surfed for SHINee pictures and saw Minho, which means any idol can have the honour of walking the catwalk! :inluv:

I get that the female models must give off some kind of vibe to get the part. Well... mostly the exquisite, ice princess, doll-like pokerface. I think all of Kara would be beautiful in one of those Star Wars bridal gowns, but what quality of their beauty makes them have the most potential?

My vote goes to Gyuri. She has that beauty, indeed that of a goddess. Who am I kidding, neither herself or her company made 'Goddess' her nickname, it was the fans, which speaks for itself. She has the poise, grace, and also the icy coldness that makes her look beautiful and aloof at the same time. One thing that's absolutely absent from every Andre Kim show is passion between the couples, I guess it adds the concept of a political arranged marriage. :D

Next on my list would be Jiyoung, but of course an older Jiyoung. I dunno why, but there are times when she reminds me of Kim Tae Hee. In my bias, I think she'll probably be the most "A-list movie star" beautiful out of the group. But that's just me. :lol:

Also, Sunghee. Her beauty and aura is like The Grace, she'd look soooooooooooo beautiful in those dresses! ^_^

Fashion examples: I decided to use others for you than just Minho. :lol: Minho's walk with his actress partner was as emotionless as it gets, I guess a little warmth adds to beauty.



The 'Andre Kim' pose




Choi Jiwoo





Kim Joon & Jang Nara



Romantic... if he had his eyes closed, like I said, the theme must be 'forced royal Naboo marriage'


And I'll throw in Ivy and Son Ho Young for Ivy's Princess Leia hairdo



I think the dresses are beautiful, and I can totally see Gyuri pulling off the look!! I can!! Who do you think has the Andre Kim look? :)

I wonder if I can photoshop a picture...

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wow. omg i remember talking to other people on one

of the forums about this. haha.

i think all the KARA members can pull it off but

my vote goes to HARA .

She can give that Ice Princess/serious/has the doll-like Image, right away.

like the way you describe it. :)

but it would be so cool if i could see her

on a catwalk for other fashion designers. sigh.

someday my dream would come true.

((I also think Gyuri could look def. OUTSTANDING with those

clothes. since it's fairy tale-like catwalk. then im sure but

HARA&Gyuri can pull it off :D))

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But Jung Hyung Don even went on there. :D

Ah, true. I was trying not to make the obvious choice. :D But I think Gyuri's stage charisma is more fierce and icy and really Andre Kim. :lol: I wonder who they'd pair up with. It pretty much could be anyone. Anyone in their league, that is.

Kim Tae Hee - Song Seung Heon

Choi Jiwoo - Kwon Sang Woo

Song Hye Kyo - Wonbin

Ivy - Son Ho Young

Minho's partner was a newbie actress.

I'd love to think of the possibilities. xD They go Star Wars outfit, colourful dress, colourful dress, colour dress, Star Wars outfit, colourful dress, wedding dress, Andre Kim pose, kiss on the forehead, embrace... and let's not forget it's all in the fake snow. :lol: Okay, now it isn't so easy thinking of partners now. xD

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Its Gyuri! You know models are not supposed to smile much right? The cool kinda girl? Gyuri's cool-faces are soooooo hot!!! > . < I totally love that!! besides she has a good body too~ so why not? hahaha~


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if u talk about model,they need charismatic in catwalk...thats y i choose our charisma goddess,gyuri....if she be a model for andre kim,more ppl will know andre kim brand...i just know andre kim about end of last year bcoz some of kpop idols became andre kim's model.

gyuri hwaiting~ ^^

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