Favorite Hairstyle for Nicole


Favorite Hairstyle for Nicole  

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this was REALLY hard for me to choose >__<

she looks pretty with all the styles. BUT...

erm. i would have to with style 3. x3

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I really like #2 :( I think it fits her personality a lot though I can't explain why haha.

I actually think Nicole looks extremely pretty when she just has her hair down. Like in zoo zoo club and their Now performance. Actually, all of the Kara members look really pretty with their casual hair styles. Lucky!! (Of course, they look pretty in their perf. as well kekeke)

But I wish they let Nicole have her hair down in more performances :/ Having her hair in a bun gets a bit boring at times. And I wish they'd stop experimenting with her hair! She's had some funky hair styles during their Rock U perf..(and the U-Go-Girl special stage :/)

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