[Haradoll] Hara RUNS fast! Like the FLASH!


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Sup everyone!

Hail Goo Hara!

OK I'm sorry I don't have the footage or pictures to show everyone what I'm talking about. I'm Australian and I now have the pleasure of living in Korea(going on one month) and I have only recently witnessed the POWER and GODDESS like qualities GOO HARA possesses. Why didn't anyone on this planet tell me about her before!?!!?! You're all fired!!!

There was a big Holiday on recently here in Korea over the passed weekend and on Saturday morning there was this Korean show where they had numerous hot girls performing endurance tests of sorts. Arm wrestling, wrestling, dancing, smiling, bus riding etc.

The was a race. Goo Hara was running... it was beautiful, graceful, fast, she was winning! Yay! The other girls had no chance of catching up to her... alas...

*wipes tear away*

Sadly... moments before the finish line she fell unexpectedly. Don't worry she's ok, she did stay motionless for a bit but she was ok after that smiling her classic smile. I want to see it again! AND i think you should see it too!

So... I call upon all savvy Karaholicans... er... Karaholicos... er... Karaholic aficionados! Does anyone have a video link for this? Pictures? Animated Gif's? Puppet reenactments? ANYTHING!?

Please help! And remember, our Beloved Goo Hara loves us all equally.

But really see loves me more!

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wow! fast reply! Thanks! Not as fast as Hara though right?

Sorry confusion! Korean TV show i meant to say. Live? Did I watch GOO HARA live? *loses bladder crontrol*

No but that is something I will rectify soon! They always seem to have mini concerts on here every week and it's on my MUST EXPERIENCE list. See Goo Hara and not lose bladder control i mean.

I watched the TV show program in the morning with my ex Korean Girlfriend and her Sister and Mum right after a ceremony of bowing and Masita(yummy) Korean food. It was a great experience.

Everyone of my Korean guy friends i've mentioned that I watched it that morning they all replied they watched it as well and had similar OH MY GOD SO SPANKY experiences to mine

Seriously thanks for this dude I appreciate it.

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Cool Monkee nice work! I've already watched it a bunch of times attempting to work out what the hell they're talking about. The guy with the blond hair has so much energy and even though I couldn't understand him I found myself laughing. This will definitely add a new dimension to the experience.


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Hi all,

i'm a new member after watching a video that was subbed by another fan group (soshified) that I'm a member of I had to find Kara's site.

Hara was so awesome in that episode. :w00t:

I have screen caps of that race. I was totally amazed at her speed.

she's so fast that her legs are a blurr.


huge lead she built up.


and jiyoung turning back immediately to help her


she definitely gave it her all. :P

too bad her leg gave out on her though :D

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How Hara got her nickname "
Goosain Bolt

Although she had lost that race, it was obvious that she was going to win if she had not fallen. With her surprising skills in running, some netizens have started calling her "Goosain Bolt". For those of you who doesn't get the nickname, "Usain Bolt" is probably the world's fastest runner, as he is a three-time olympic gold medalist, winning the race (with a world record) for 100m, 200m, and also winning the 4x100 meter relay with his teammates.
" -c.








Even though she injured herself,

Goo Hara said she'd close the ceremony with us.

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i already knew she will pwn other girls ^^ :D

Hara's strength is unbelievable from such small body

i really hoped shed won tho.. nonetheless she did a marvelous job

especially at the truck pulling game !

mighty Hara we love u!

and magnae Jing <3

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I know that for what im going to say....you guys are going to hate me but... I LAUGHED SOOOOOOOOO BAD when i saw her fall. I love Hara, she is my second favourite...but that just made my day. I loved when cute little maknae said UNNIIIIE! when she saw hara laying on the floor.

Next time be more careful cute Kooala!!! (>:P)>

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AH, she was fast! She's a like bullet blasting through . Too bad she had to fall. I really wanted her to win.

Jing was so cute to scream out Unnie and run back for her. Anyways, she's so sweet to warmly congratulate

T-ARA Boram. Hara's love for beef sure is amazing! They should another show like this =)

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