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Hi, I'm a new Gyuri fan since february, 12th to be exact, thanks to randomly chancing to watch their weekly idol episodes and modeun park gyuri is the best.

Welcome aboard :gemcheer: , if you haven't already, definitely check out Gyuri X From The Airport's "The little Prince". Also for drama, there's 'Nail Shop Paris' that she did a few years back and most recently she played a princess (what could be more perfect XD) in Jang Yeong Shil (you can find it FHD with english subs on Youtube in the KBS World Channel).

I hope you stay with us all for a long time :)

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New trailer for 'Two Rooms, Two Nights', movie releases on 14th April in Korea.

Edit :

Two Rooms Two Nights VIP Premiere Red Carpet :

160408 Press Conference for 'Two Rooms Two Nights' :

A big THANKYOU to Eliza Hara for posting these up on youtube. :)

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For those that still haven't heard it, here's Gyuri's OST song "Spring Snow", from 'Two Rooms, Two Nights'

Cr. Lilac Kara

Gyuri also did a photoshoot for BNT (160418) :geminluv:


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BNT Pictorial

[by Wi Hyo Sun, translated by Bae Jung Yun] Park Gyu Ri came back as an actress after completing ten years of her activity as KARA. The filming scene is her home ground since she made her debut as an actress.

She is continually receiving good comment toward her acting performs as an adult actress. She has no obstacle because of her desire toward acting and modest attitude. From the pictorial progressed with bntnews, she showed off four various charms and announced her new start as an actress.

From the first concept, she showed her feminine attraction by wearing a floral patterned dress. From the second concept, she wore a striped top and denim dress that has the detail of the ribbon. Also, she showed off her casual charm with white mini bag.

From the third concept, she released the soft atmosphere by wearing a see through top and white chiffon dress. Her soft facial expression was added and completed a delicate pictorial. From the fourth concept, she showed her modern and sexy charm by wearing an intense red jumpsuit.

From the interview progressed with pictorial, she talked about her first TV series ‘Jang Yeong Sil’. She said, “I took the role of a female character that is adventurous, so I had a hard time selecting the way of speaking between modern tone and historical tone.”

Moreover, she talked about the main character of the drama, Song Il Gook. She said, “I felt comfortable filming the drama with him because we are both the second generation of the voice actor. His amount of filming was enormous, so I had no time listening the story about his triplets.”

She also gave her thoughts toward her first movie ‘Two Rooms, Two Nights’ that released on April 14. She said, “I was worried about people’s evaluation toward my acting. I am thankful that the audience reaction was not bad. I think the audience liked the movie because it is a realistic movie that has a lot of interesting episodes.”

The movie was filmed when she was still performing as KARA. She honestly said, “If the movie released at the time that I was still performing as KARA, the more publicity might have given.” Continually, she talked about the extraordinary meaning of her first movie, “It is a very precious movie regardless of the time of its release.”

Meanwhile, she talked about her previous labelmate Sechs Kies, who recently made its comeback through MBC’s variety program ‘Infinity Challenge’. She said, “I think Sechs Kies made a great decision. Fans will remember their beautiful previous image. Idol group has nostalgia. I think their reunion was a big event for fans.”

For the bucket list that she wants to achieve in 2016, she selected the family trip. She said, “I would like to go to Gangneung, where I filmed ‘Two Rooms, Two Nights’, with my parents.” Particularly, she confessed, “I eat really well, so it is hard for me to go on a diet.” Also, she delivered her simple dream by saying, “I want to build up memories with parents in Gangneung. There are many restaurants that sell delicious food.” (photo by bntnews DB)

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Gyul's official video from her BNT Photoshoot

Also here is a really long 4-part video of Gyuri's photoshoot that Lilac Kara shared (and uploaded on Dailymotion):

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Gyuri's been posting to Insta lately about seeing musicals, having gone to see Fiestar's Linzy in Peste and Yewon Kim in Jack the Ripper.


Peste musical

It was really well done, and Rinji was pretty



Also she posted a penguin jpg to Twitter:


Her new movie will also have a preview event on October 12th, though tickets to it have to be won. It'll also be shown during Korean Cinema Week 2016 in Tokyo, specifically on October 26th and the 29th.

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If she has been going to musicals lately, do y'all think she's going to go to Jiyoung's musical?

*crosses fingers*

That'd definitely be nice, assuming Gyuri is able to travel out of country at the moment (since her movie is opening soon).

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Gyuri's new movie is set for release on November 3rd, with both the media and VIP screenings happening on October 24th (former is at 4:30 while the latter notes it starts around 8:20-8:30).

Also some new jpgs of her:
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Gyuri was featured in Grazia magazine:

Also, she did a few interviews lately (largely due to her movie coming out), but this is probably the most notable one:

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Gyuri will be holding a Christmas Party in Japan on Christmas Day.

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