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quiz to change the world full or gyul cut (go for the cut because it has better resolution. :))

reckless family ep9

Kara’s Gyuri Lost 6 Kilograms For Comeback + Would Film An Adult Movie

Kara‘s Gyuri showed confidence in her body.

On the most recent episode of MBC TV’s “Quiz To Change the World” that was aired on the evening of September 1, Kara’s Gyuri was asked if she would film an adult movie if she were offered a role.

To this Gyuri answered honestly, “I think it’s important to keep a record (of my body) when I’m the prettiest. If the plot of the movie is okay, I’m alright with exposing my body.”

When the follow-up question of whether or not if she was confident with her body, Gyuri replied, “It’s not bad. I lost six kilograms as I prepared for our comeback. If my previous image was that glamour, now I’m a bit curvier and prettier,” and showed confidence.

Credit: Soompi

Kara Talks About the Difficulties Of Being Female Idols

Kara recently discussed the difficulties of living as a female idol.

On the most recent episode of KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Relay: Guerilla Date,” Nicole said, “As we prepared for our comeback, Gyuri and I often said that it’s very difficult to live as female idols.” She explained, “It’s so hard to take care of and maintain everything.”

To this, Gyuri added, “We are envied as a female idol, but it is a difficult position because we are also very criticized.” She also added, “I had a hard time because of the intense dieting.” She said that had she not been in Kara, she would have become a food blogger and eaten as much delicious foods as she wanted.

Gyuri, however, brought laughter to the scene by concluding, “If I were to be born again, I would like to be born as a male idol group member.”

Credit: Soompi

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KARA'’s Gyuri reveals what the members usually do together on ’1 vs 100′

KARA'‘s Gyuri revealed what activity the members usually do together.

On the September 4th broadcast of KBS 2TV‘s quiz show ‘1 vs 100‘, host Han Suk Joon asked the idol star: “What do the KARA members usually do when they’re all together?”

Gyuri answered, “We usually eat, and we’re really compatible when it comes to food. Don’t girls usually chat and eat delicious food?” The host replied, “I tend to buy delicious food for others.”

The KARA leader hilariously avoided his comment, stating, “Next question.”

In related news, Gyuri went head-to-head with the director of KOSIS (Korean Statistical Information Service) Woo Ki Jong on the quiz show.

Source: Newsen via Nate

Credit: Allkpop

1 vs 100 link

more from a-day-waitress






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yeap! some groups are already okay. but all i wanna see is KARA!

i'm still saving up for the front seat even without confirmation yet and even though its not their solo concert!

better sure than sorry!


eric those pictures are :wakeup: :wakeup: :wakeup:

our goddess' really becomig more daring each day!

not that i hate it. just sayin' :hyper: :hyper: :hyper:

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like she said, she's happy and with no regrets.


interesting facts..

from sstp

- besides the only one not having a driving license, gyul doesn't know how to ride a bicycle too.

from wide mnet

- gyul could hop on a train to far away land just to eat raw meats/fish.

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