Gyuri's Spazzing Thread


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i shall share if there're interesting findings when i study her solo making (in chi sub) shortly after this..

lol @ gyul after she climbed down from the ladder. these are her actual quotes:

"This is the first time hanging high in the air for so long, indeed the first in my life. Each time before I let go of this hand, the other is already grabbing tightly. This attempt is definitely something not possible even in Karasia. I am using my arm to hold on to the rope too."


another thing, i noticed she also provided opinion on how the scene could be filmed to achieve better effect. :thumbup1:

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park gyuri!

i just finished watching god of victory and gyuri was such a beast at the pull up game thing[?]

she was the only one who didn't use gloves, and she was one of the last ones.

i think she would've lasted a bit longer if she had gloves. but yeah, man.

GYURI! i've always knew she was strong or had a bit of strength since i saw her do that one wrestling game with boram on one of those chuseok girl groups specials.

on another note, gyuri looks soo much skinnier than before.

and i know this is old news but i just noticed how skinny she is now

she's still beautiful though but she looks a bit more fragile.

stay healthy gyul! <3

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some candid but humorous words from gyul @ vitamin.

(there're more but these are jjang. lolol)

gyul: when your lower back is hurt, "inform the insurance" within 24hrs.

gyul: when your neck and arms are in pain, "kissing" will be a problem.

the first time watching vitamin with full understanding, so gyul is the healthiest among the 7.

(well, she should be since she is the youngest and she mentioned cole would be the best if she had taken the scan.)

(after re-watched 1vs100) hearing gyul speaking/answering questions, you know that this lady is intelligent and witty.

not that i don't know but it just makes you feel good.

i'm never bored when she speaks. she's awesome!

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if it's gyul-related and eng-sub is available, i'll definitely share here. (provided the show is still new.)

however usually in most cases, chi-sub is more valuable because it'll be up days after the broadcast.

as i rely a lot on chi-sub, i'll try to share with all gyutifuls if i find something interesting.

however if anyone needs chi-sub of any show, just ask me here (home), in my profile or pm me.

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