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I think she looks best with black hair. It makes her look sophisticated.

Seungyeon needs your help. Please go to the KARA Survivor game here http://www.karaholic.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=222&page=221#entry634656 and vote for Seungyeon.

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emm havent watched urakara 3 yet, still downloading the video.

lots of hammie caps on aechak and kara-t :eyelove:

the spoiler is the caps from aechak, lets give this thread more love. mellow.gif


















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@@, wow, an enthusiastically ham fan

hope u'll spazz with us in the future


the artwork i share, right, is not from aechak actually

i come arcoss them on dc, but they belong to i햄본촤딩

n about aechak

actually not all fanpics or fancam r restricted to share out

it depends on the fan who took those pic n video,

like u_an, she said those fancams is allow to share of cz with the condition "take out with full credit"

but for aechak(the person id is aechak so i guess s/he is the founder),

s/he actually wrote in english saying "You should watch this picture only here"

n i personally think they have reason to do this smile.gif

first,they need to attract ppl like us to visit there

second, they want their members to be active in the forum i.e. posting comments,

1 comment 1 point, 1 comment at fancam/fanshot section 5 points, to view each topic in fancam/fanshot section it requires 7 points >_<

so it would actually be a win-win situation for the forum n the members there,i.e

if u're active u got the right to view those exclusive pics/videos smile.gif

n i think they do aware of members who r not really good in korean,

that's y they wrote the sentences in english as well, so i guess they want us to follow it smile.gif

but u know right, certain pics r just too awesome not to share out to spazz together :whistling:

erm...okay, days ago, xoxo ask me this,

on kbs hello, wat the question the mc asked the gals, when all gyulrajing vote ham,

i promised her to tell her abt it after chi sub is out happy.gif

but i think it will be interesting to know wat they were talking about for that topic as well so i translated that segment

*these r all base on chi sub

*is super duper long...i really didn't expect it to be SOOOOO LOOOOG :sweatdrop:

first the gals were asked what kind of guys, they WOULD NOT want to date with

a guy that will call u 100times if u don't pick up the phone OR a guy that always went missing (i.e u can't find/contact him)

* 1 mc said this, call u 100times= extreme personality, went missing= bad boy personality

* gyul ws the one going to write out her answer, so the MCs ask wat other gals think


a guy that went missing,

because though a guy that call u 100times is abit extreme ,

but, at the same time it is sweet as well,

because it means he really care about u , like he cn't live without u


me too, a guy that went missng ,

because u cn't contact the guy once he went missing like hes a bad boy,

which would definitely hurt me

jing: guy that call u 100times



bad boy, right....

is there anything bad abt them?( meaning shes attract to them)

others: a...shes still young laugh.gif

then the female mc ask the male mc how they think about girls that call 100times vs girls that went missing

*mc conversation omitted

then we come to the part when ham & hara whisper to each other

male mc:

wait a sec wait a sec , i gt a question

after hearing we don't like girls that call 100times

hara expression ws like " ohhh...this is how guy think"

then after she whisper with seungyeon shes like "YEA YEA YEA"

(basically he wants them to share out what they were whispering) :tongue:


after hearing ur thoughts i.e. the male mcs,

i kind of understand guys' mindset

because when the girls went missing n u cn't contact her,

u can hav some times to do things that u always want to do,

IS IT RIGHT?( asking the male mc that caught hayeon whispering) laugh.gif

*mc conversation omitted


of 4 of u, who is the one who will keep calling if she can't gt to contact with the person she wants to

*gyulharajing vote ham, n ham vote jing


ham really fantasize about dating

so once she has a bf, she will scarify all for him


a..so is like if she cn't contact the guy,

she will become very worried, n start imagine stuff?


yea,she will become very worried

n keep on calling until the person pick up the phone


i didn't know that by myself,

but, yea it is true that i hav a great fantasy about dating

like things i want to do when i date

n things i want to do for the guy

mc: then what the reason u choose jiyoung?


she really care about whether others reply her message

like, it happen recently,

jing send us an message "unnie hwaiting, next year let's be more healthy "

but after i read the message,

the message ws way too sweet n i don't know how to reply it

but i really really appreciate it

at that time, i thought "erm...others will reply her" so i didn't reply it

but then, it turn out no one reply her message

so after that, she keep on bring up that incident n nag on us

mc converation omitted


there's another incident,

she bought phonestrap to all of the members

all of us r really thankful about it, n we put it on on our phone, 

n bring it out & playing with it everyday,

but then after sometimes the phonestrap turn into black colour( meaning it becomes really dirty)

but we couldn't bear to simply take it off

so we tell jiyoung carefully,

"jiyoung a, the phonestrap has become really dirty n we cn't bath it or do anything to it, cn't we take it off?"

but jiyoung said

"okay i understand, it has to be so then, but i wouldn't buy things for ur guys again"

mc: a...jiyoung is so cute


>_<, is a gift for them, it will be such a pity if they throw it away,

n i ws hoping them to use it FOREVER >_<

and i couldn fall asleep n waited for the reply message,but then no one reply me T__T

*okay that's all for that segment...i really didn't expect it to turn out this long :crying:


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I know I'm a little late, but Seungyeon did the voice-over for MK in that Epic movie? (Or was it just like a promotion?) ;o; Oh wow! I didn't know that~ I watched the Epic movie a few weeks ago actually, with my nieces and nephews LOL it was such a cute movie. I enjoyed it! What a coincidence that Hammie did the voice-over for the Korean version~ Now I'm curious as to what the K. version is like~~ Will have to do some research to find some things! ^o^/

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2AM Jinwoon, KARA Seungyeon Hope to Appear on Big Screen Someday


From left, KARA’s Seungyeon and 2AM’s Jinwoon speak at the showcase for their new animated film “Epic” in Seoul, Korea on July 2, 2013. [TenAsia/ Gue Hye Jung]

2AM’s Jinwoon and KARA’s Seungyeon are bringing the importance of family and nature to the big screen through animated adventure film “Epic.”

The two talents voiced the roles of ordinary teenager MK (Seungyeon) and rebellious warrior Nod (Jinwoon) in the film, which will hit Korean theaters on August 7.

During a press conference on Tuesday where a highlights clip of “Epic” was shown, the idol stars spoke about their first-time experiences of voicing an animated film.

Q: What did you find most difficult about voicing the film?

Jinwoon: Because you’re not actually acting, you don’t have eye contact with your scene partner. I recorded my lines while listening to the recording done by my scene partner. So it was tough creating that connection.

Seungyeon: Delivering my lines in Korean, after hearing them in English, was a challenge for me. Some lines were like singing in English but when you said it in Korean, there was a slight difference in the meaning.

Q: Yes or no to whether you knew that you’d someday land a chance to voice an animation?

Jinwoon: No.

Seungyeon: Yes!

Jinwoon: Well, my voice is rather low and you need a high-pitched voice in order to voice an animation. That’s why I never thought my voice would suit an animated film so I was really surprised when they asked me to take part.

Seungyeon: For me, it was the opposite of Jinwoon. I have a high-pitched voice. Our group member Kyuri voiced an animation before as well and she has a really clear and high-pitched voice so I always thought that I would get the chance to do so before I grow old.


KARA’s Seungyeon speaks at the showcase for her new animated film “Epic” in Seoul, Korea on July 2, 2013. [TenAsia/ Gue Hye Jung]

Q: Then what kind of character did you want to voice?

Seungyeon: In animated films, the female characters are usually sweet and adorable. I really liked Vanellope who always follows Ralph around in “Wreck-It Ralph” (2012).

Q: Another yes or no question – do you think you did a better job than Amanda Seyfried and Josh Hutcherson?

Seungyeon: No.

Jinwoon: Erm… Somewhere in between?

Seungyeon: For me, it was my first time [voicing] so I couldn’t depict the character in a dynamic way. But everyone told me I did a really good job screaming. (Jokingly) I guess I could say that I am a better screamer than Amanda Seyfried (laughs)

Jinwoon: Because it’s my voice, I only hear the flaws and to be honest, my voice isn’t that great. But then again, I do love my voice so I went for somewhere in between yes and no.

Q: What parts in the film were you were able to connect to the most?

Jinwoon: There is a part in the film where Nod runs away while avoiding spears and other threats. There weren’t any lines I had to say but I had to make panting sounds and that scene was recorded in almost one take. So I had to concentrate hard for it.

Seungyeon: It was the same for me. There were a lot of interjections in my part. Like in the part where my character shrank or when she fell while jumping because she wan’t used to being tiny. There are expressions that are fine in English, but when you say it is Korean, it makes you cringe. But the director told me I need to absorb myself [with the situation] and it really worked.


2AM’s Jinwoon speaks at the showcase for his new animated film “Epic” in Seoul, Korea on July 2, 2013. [TenAsia/ Gue Hye Jung]

Q: Seungyeon, you were recently in the drama “Jang Ok Jeong.” What difference did you find between acting and voicing?

Seungyeon: Well, the language for both “Jang Ok Jeong” and “Epic” are not modern which was difficult for me. But I was more comfortable with “Epic” because I could use my usual high-pitched voice while in the drama, I had to speak in a low voice which required a lot of practice. Also, because you’re in front a camera while shooting a drama, you tend to become self-conscious. You become worried about how your face and posture will look like depending on where the camera is positioned. But when you’re recording your voice, you can jump up and down and move your body freely.

Q: Jinwoon, you were in drama “Dream High 2.” What difference did you find?

Jinwoon: As a singer, recording in a studio is a familiar field of work. So voicing was more comfortable. But in a drama, you get to see who you are acting with.

Q: Are you satisfied with each other’s work?

Jinwoon: I had already read the script and watched the film when I found out Seungyeon was cast in the film. I was surprised because it was a perfect match. They also look similar.

Seungyeon: Everyone knows Jinwoon and Nicole are tight. I heard Jinwoon’s name a lot so I felt like we were old friends as well. Jinwoon started recording a bit before I did. I was surprised at how well he acts and his personality goes well with his character.

Q: Do you ever want to do a movie?

Jinwoon: Yes, I want to very much! (laughs) Whatever it is. I watched Seulong’s “26 Years” and the film and his acting were so great that I really wanted to do a movie too. I also heard that shoots for a drama and film are very different so I really want to experience it. I like thrillers so I’d like to do one too. Play a kind-looking killer. A lot people tell me that I look kind when I smile but when I have a straight face, I look scary.

Seungyeon: I too want to be in a film. But until the end of this year, I’ll pursue my activities as a member of KARA.

Jinwoon: I thought you wanted to be in a thriller too.

Seungyeon: Yes, I want to… I want to try out different characters. I was in a historical drama which was a lot of pressure for me so next time, I want to act out a character that is close to who I am.

Reporter. Lee Eun Ah domino@tenasia.co.kr
Photographer. Gue Hye Jung photonine@tenasia.co.kr
Editor. Jessica Kim

credit : http://www.tenasia.com/archives/62568

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