[Hamtastic] So Seungsational~


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haha..ur welcome guys..^^

i loved it when i can make u guys happy :lol:


haha,since u request it, i need to tell you, to make sure u don't miss it :)


haha..she keeps on growing on me since the whole lupin started..

it grows even bigger since her fall on mucore..

and it multiplies greatly on the goodbye stage, and now it's hard to say with the HB :P

i can write the same thing that i wrote on her lupin's thread here if i didn't hold myself right now :lol:

she really impressed me..

and she do all the HB perf's dance with her left hand..awesome trooper ham..

hope she will recover fast,they have a really tight schedule this weeks.

i really love her apple hair..so cute..haha

yeah,seems she really enjoy the filming, i'm glad :)

and thx a lot for the gifs..she is really cute!!!!! <333

@total trainwreck

thx a lot for the pic,it was hilarious :)


thx for the gifs too :)

it was still nice :)


yeah maybe..she really prevent it from moving too much..

hope it will get better..


red4summer and in-in, i will try to upload the fancam that shige share before..

i already have it..but i don't know how fast can i do it..

still need to download a lot of fancam from the HB 1st >.<

but here enjoy a part of it:


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I bet you guys have seen all those fancams? =)

So yeah nothing to worry about her because she stilll did great like always yesterday =)

but the thing is.. I think Seungyeon doesnt really hide her hand on the back.. because if she were to hide it then when she turn around she would probably put her hand in front of her so fans cant see right? but she always keep her hand on her back like it was tied or something.. I dont know maybe just to make it not moving that much like Joey said?? Let'sj ust hope it heals before the japan showcase =)

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not yet!!! i really hate youtube!!!

it takes forever for me to download / streaming all of it >.<

only watch a few,and just by pics of her..

but it was really took a long time for her to recover..i'm wondering how bad it is..

and yeah..

hope she will recover soon, and get ready to storm japan!! :)


ham on we're with you..

really,she is just too cute for words...

love her really much,..choding ham!! ^^

and i really love them in blue outfit, it seems so nice :thumbup:

sorry for the filesize >.<






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watched the kmf fancams again today, i feel mixed.

happy to hear the hit songs again as if i was there, but seeing hammie my heart sank again.

my mood changed only when i watched her performance with wonder girls.

standing there with gyul by her side, i feel relieved.

seeing her smile & hearing her smooth voice, i forgot what had happened.

i cheerfully clapped for her when she sang her part, even though it was played from laptop.

that was my most beautiful 20 seconds today.

i'll remember the sweetie at that moment.

(i wrote this post while listening to her singing part repeatedly.

it's so peaceful right now in the middle of my night.

hope she can feel the same way too, thousands miles apart.

sweet dream, sweetie.)

thanks Kelvin for sharing & yuda for reloading the soundcheck clip at kmf.

you guys made it possible for me not to miss any of her moment.

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Hammie still has a bandage on her arm this last KMF...

the injury had really been that bad for her to still have that bandage...

she still hides her arm...

poor hammie...

hope it would heal fast now....

it's such a nuisance...

it's s good thing hammie's a great, professional performer...


we love you!

credited youtube

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haha thx for sharing the video :)

i think her height already ideal for her :confused1:


aww...as usual ur post really moved me very much, eric :)

when u see her smile, it really makes u want to smile too :)

they have at least 1 day before going to japan..

hopefully hammie can take a rest well..

she is the only one that didn't have any schedule tonight i think, hopefully she can enjoy her time :)

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Thnx for sharing your Ham GIf.. :D

and again..so jealous with the quality..xD

Seungyeon so cute in the we're with you MV...

and her small ponytail hair..so....cute...love it..


Thnx for sharing the video...

Ham still hiding her arm...it still not fully recover...

but its a good thing it is improving....

and Ham so jjang..!! great performer....

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i agree. I dont think she needs to hide her arm. There's nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about, she's only human. Anyways it's great to see them via fancam around LA. I really hope they enjoy their time there.

I hope they take pictures there so we can all see how much fun they're having

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ur welcome guys, no prob ^_^


don't quote image plz, and do ur comment in one post :P


it's not that she embarassed about that, i can guarantee u that :)

it's just to minimize the movement, like BabyJ said..


yep, only 3?? expecting more??haha

i make some,but it's scaterred on member's spazz thread..haha

but i compile all ham's solo part in 1 gif :)

if u want sumthin else, just tell me, i'll make it later..

haha good luck with ur assignment, me too..i'm very busy too these days,actually..haha

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hides arm?

i think we should be concentrating on her performance as a whole, rather than on her arm.

the unfortunate had happened, besides showing concerns over her injury,

think hammie would also want us to focus more on her stage performance instead.

wouldn't it be better this way? :)

ashamed or embarrassed?

why don't just remember the part where she did the emergency exit move in full stride? :)


and inaddition to what babyj said, arms-behind has more supports too.

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yeah..that's why i said that she's a real professional because despite the fact that she has that bandage, she really performed too well...

well, she's ham, she's just great... that's why she can do that...do you agree?

i'm just praying that she would heal fast now, cause that'd be more helpful for her...

anyways, i adore hammie sooo much, anything she does or look is just great for me...

its not ham hiding her arms..

its more like putting her arm behind her back to minimize movements

to make healing faster?

yeah..maybe that's why she hides her arm that way...

hope she's healing fast...

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haha..i know some people will make a lot from it, that's why i didn't make it..

i just make it the other way, compiling it into one :)

to be honest, i didn't have much time too.. :P

check this out:


and if u still didn't find what u want,or u want me to make a better one, just tell me later :)

thx for the caps shige..

really love it, esp the left one on the last pic :)


thx for remind all of us..

yep i'm sure ham want all of us to focus on her perf, rather than her arms..

wondering what her condition right now in japan..


btw random ranting..

everytime i saw ham in we're with you mv..

it's very nice..

don't know why,i'm always find myself smiling watching her there..

she is very lovely and sweet there.. :)

and looking back at how much she have gone through,it's just makes my heart feels warm to watch her smiling a lot there..:)

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