[Hamtastic] So Seungsational~


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i'll remember ur word pim, i'll be watching u..lmao :lol:

Ahhhh you're so evil, don't use my words to catch me XD

You're not the only one liking this pic Kim! Awww nice shot!!! Thanks for sharing :D

I know it would sound weird but most of the time I like Seungyeon's pics where she's not smiling :">

True, she's got the best eyesmile in kpop XD I wander around and saw lots of non-kara fans cant help but vote for her too woot!!!


KIMMMMM. She's just confessed that she had a crush on a male celebrity HOW-DO-YOU-FEEL?

My heart was shaken when I read it lol i didnt expect she would reveal such a thing.

I was like "NO WAYYYYY!!!!", but then I realize it wasnt that I dont wanna hear about her crush but it depends on who is that guy lol

I would have no prob if he's one of my fav group members XD Who could that be? No Suju plssssss D:

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haha, im thinking one of her crush is from the current active boy groups? or the groups that have always been active when Kara's in promotions. I'm thinking of ss501 one too...but idk if it's just me...the thought feels too weird. haha!


i'm guessing this is from the same performance:

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awww thanks chupa chups!!!!! :D *saved as wallpaper* she looks sexy & adorable at the same time, bcos from this angle you can see her chubby cheek. and amazingly her hair still looks so niceeeeeeeeee lol

Nooo I have a strong believe that he's not from SS501 XD I also found that idol group members dont seem to have special feeling towards the people under their same company hahaha they know too much and see each other too often esp during the trainee days, easily find unattractive & get bored LOL

@ Joey: idkkkk DDD: I dont find any of them can be a good match with Ham lol

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lmao..yeah..i'm a nice person, except to u, u r special case pim :P

bout strong heart, i've been wondering too..

i wasn't too surprised honestly..but i'm wondering who is the lucky guy :)

btw, ham's eye smile is sweet..

but i love her fierce side too :)

just like this one, i really love it!!!!!


credit:as tagged


thx for the pics anne..

yep it's from the same perf..

i think they perf at least 4 songs, judging from all the pics..

just hope they won't get sick..and i'm glad no accident, like slipped on the stage..



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it's from Family Needed. She was in Season 2. It's a made-up family and Seungyeon portrayed as the youngest daughter of the family. :)

haha, yeah. i highly doubt her crush is anyone from SS501. the reason why i'm considering them was because she said about seeing them through day and night.

hoho, Seungyeon looks badass in that picture that Yuda posted.

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yeah!!! she really awesome there..

her fierce lupin perf!!! never fail to impress me!!!

and of course, that part always been my fave .. :thumbup:


woah.. lucky u didn;t get to an accident..

but at least ur hardwork is paid off XD


aww looks like ham has changes her phone :)


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haha, my prayer is answered?

so the rumour while ago is real?

now to wait for the official statement..

idk, but another view is maybe kara wouldn't be promoting in japan for long?

which sounds great too.

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guys!!!! not sure if this is 100% true but Seungyeon will be in invincible youth!!!!!!!



pray pray pray for it to really happens!!!!!

hmm now im going to run to watch send voice in english =P

Ohh. I hope its true! :D

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haha yeah..i love it when she saying goddess,,goddess..and then start jumping while singing happy birthday..

it's very cute :P

@kelvin & eric

hmm i don't know why..but i think i'm the only one that didn't wishing for another kara's member to be included in IY..

and the news about ham will join there..don't know..it doesn't make me too excited..

hmm.....but i guess we should wait for the official statement :)


woah...i don't like dream concert's outfit..

but i loving ham's hair..

esp on this pic:



credit:as tagged

i think her messy short hair looks great and suited her :)

it gives a different feeling, but loving it very much..

hopefully she will use that hairstyle again :)

and i'm always happy to see her arms already healed =)

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i see "power" with that hairstyle especially the last pic where she did the hallo.

hahah, idk why but when i see this hammie, i think of demashitaa powerpuff girls. :o


since she loves japan anime/manga, didn't she resemble the one in green? lol.

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now i really wish she will use that hairstyle more..

it just so great..

and bring out new sides of her :(

too bad on the newest perf she have her old hair back...

i want her new one XD

some pics that i liked





credit:as tagged

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