[Hamtastic] So Seungsational~


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i LOOOVEEEE ham unnie <3 ..definitely my fave kara member!

So smart and uber talented! Not to mention oozing with cuteness!!!!

I saw some old kara clips in youtube wherein she and hara were taking care of a monkey and a pig! SHe was tooo cute <3

and i love her in this pic too..



woah thx a lot for the pic..

she looks really cute there..

and the zoo zoo club is cute too xD

i like her hairstyle there :D

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hamtastic spazzer!!

lol,the way she mixed up the battery is very cute..

don't know why, but SY is the cutest when she didn't try to be cute..lol..



if i have it,i think it won't even open the packagin..lol

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Anyway even in the radio they do the tummies rubbing dance xD


credit: kara-T


seungyeon looks really excited..

and jing's expression and hand cute too xD


don't cry!!!!

i think it was on star king????

the way she cry always makes me sad too :(

really make me want to be there besides her :)


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^yeah why is she crying?


credit: kara-T

from the power radio thingy



^I see her playing around with the camera and took the picture herself,hahaha.. She's like finding the nice angle for around a minute.. I can't make the gif =(

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