[Hamtastic] So Seungsational~


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on Naver too


my personal note : Ham need to learn more about rocker gesture, she must be felt some kind of awkward since she can't move around on the stage like she did in Karasia but yeah still that stare is so worth wow-ing! (sorry I don't have proper words to desribe my feelings :P)

the rests are just perfect especially the looks; the outfit, the make-up (smokey eyes and orange lipstick omg!), the hair!! all perfect!

such a fiery stage!

off to go, time to hunt some captures and gifs! :D

agree about rocker gesture, and i think hammie is more perfect when sing a balad song :P

anyway hope she can get the best :refreshed:

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She absolutely, positively nailed her solo song Guilty in the Karasia in Seoul concert. Man- she can really SING- for a moment, I thought she wasn't actually singing at all, and that the whole thing was backing vocals, but I was completely wrong.

To sing that perfectly, live, after half the concert has gone by- wow.

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