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Saigo no Sayonara -unveil edit-:


Video is blocked in the US and Japan because Sony ;-;


The original file is in the mediabox for anyone who wants it.

edit Also the secret edit (re: the normal version) for anyone who might not have seen it. Can't post the raw file to the mediabox though, as I ripped it from the DVD ;~;

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Assasination Classroom: Graduation kept the top spot for 3 straight weeks. The movie was watched by 167,429 people and earned 201,085,000 Yen. The movie reached total mobilization of 2.6 million viewers and total gross 0f 2.77 billion Yen, which already surpassed that of the first film. It will soon reach 2.9 billion Yen in earnings.

Source: http://aramajapan.com/news/tvmovie/movies/japan-box-office-ranking-week-of-apr-9-10/57584/

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Throwback time!                                                                                                                                                    

Precious video I came across while doing a special project! 
Baby Jiyoung + Nicole's laugh=  :geminluv:

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New still from Jing's upcoming Unrequited Love Spiral Short film :


Jing is going to release her second Photobook 'Gentle Beauty' on June 24 this year.

INFO } Jiyoung to release her 2nd photobook "Gentle Beauty" on June 24!!


This is another project with @lesliekeesuper and the photos were taken in Tokyo, Thailand, Hong Kong and Kyoto.


In the photobook Jiyoung will show her many sides and faces.




Cr. To Kang Jiyoung World for the info.


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Pictures from 'Every Unrequited Love' Abema TV RoadShow:







From Jing's official twitter :



More pictures from the event and Tokyo Walker Scans (courtesy of Kang Jiyoung World) :

Tokyo Walker (2016 May) Scans :




Source : http://worldjiyoung.sosugary.org/thumbnails.php?album=155

And finally, another new promo shot from 'Unrequited Love Spiral' (Jing's story in Every Unrequited Love) :


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Apparently Jiyoung finished recording some new music, meaning she should be releasing a new single soon.

From her Twitter:

Everyone, it's been a little while.

JY as of late has been...

Honestly, she has finally finished her song recordings♪

These pictures are of her "JY bread" gift V( ^_^)V

(The two hashtags translate as "anyway, look forward to it, okay?" and "inside the bread are sandwiches".)




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Saigo no Sayonara BTS video, it's kind of short given it was only available through her fanclub :v

It's noted as blocked in the US, Japan, NZ and Australia, in case it doesn't work for some. Tried uploading it to dailymotion but the site gives a blacklisted error regardless of it being password protected or not ;-;

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Jiyoung has a LINE account now:


This is the auto message it sends upon being added:



Hopefully some of the others make accounts in the future ;w;

Also the translation of her tweet if anyone cares for it:

The official JYxJiyoung LINE account has arrived!

Let's definitely become "friends" please ♪

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