[2009.11.21] Kara feat BEG in MAMA 2009


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Brown Eyed Girls and Kara mix and mash it up at MAMA


KARA and Brown Eyed Girls... it's sexy enough to see just one of these groups on stage, but can you handle the two simultaneously? MAMA definitely set its viewers up for a huge surprise when they decided to hold a special Girls x Girls stage to find out! With shock after shock, you've really gotta give it to MNet for really delivering with these undeniably unique stages.

I bet you can't find anyone that can resist the Brown Eyed Girls' allure, and tonight was no exception. Check out this fierce foursome's Sign performance:


KARA then took the stage with a blast, quite literally - with the rock band Dr. Core 911 playing live in the background, the pop quintet traded its girly, sugary image for a sexier look, donning black leather and intimidating heels. The makeover was practically unrecognizable, but the song choice was far more shocking than the looks - the girls performed a rock version of... Honey?


If that weren't enough, the nine gals topped things off with a surprise collaboration stage with a mash-up of their two big hits, Abracadabra and Mister, making Abra-Mister!


With such awesome stages, KARA and the Brown Eyed Girls truly set out to sweep viewers off their feet... and these gals aren't taking any prisoners!

Credit : AK

Thanks to cr. chriscorpius and TYPICALPocky4 for Video.

Note : Congrlats to KARA for Winning Best Dance Award :)

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The Honey rock version was really cool! ^^ I'm glad they got to perform the song again...in a different concept! :)

OOO! Abracadabra + Mister! <333 Really liked that. It was cool! So cool to see everyone do the butt dance and the saucy dance! ^^

Thanks for postingg! :D

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