[2009.11.21] Kara feat BEG in MAMA 2009


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It's kind of weird that Honey won but whatever, I'm not complaining. I suppose it would have made more sense for Mister to have won but it's all gravy.

If Mister was nominated.... they could have swoop the Best Female Group and perhaps even Best Song awards.

Even Wanna could do it.... alot of diehard Wanna fans in Korea.

Although it is strange that Honey won.... I don't know, it doesn't matter I guess.

What matters is that their hardwork paid off and thats what matters.

The Honey rock version was really cool! ^^ I'm glad they got to perform the song again...in a different concept! :D

OOO! Abracadabra + Mister! <333 Really liked that. It was cool! So cool to see everyone do the butt dance and the saucy dance! ^^

Thanks for postingg! :D


Tears really came to my eyes when I saw them singing a remixed version of Honey.

And oh my god.... that Butt Dance + Saucy Dance is just crazy.... best performance of the show.

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congrats that kara won best dance award, even though it's a little weird that honey was nominated

the rock ver of honey is just as weird lol

but omg, the abracadabra+mister mashup was the bomb

loved it so much, hara's so sexy o_o

saucy hip butt dance combo was win xD

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Somehow I didn't dig the rock version of Honey. Lol. but thats just me i think

me too.. we can barely hear Gyuri and Seungyeon voices (because of MnET mic problem??) + the guy screaming/shouting whatever its just *blehh*

but I was surprised to see KARA performance.. I thought they just going to sing mister/wanna like they did on Chuseok.. but suddenly they perform this =P

The Mister and Abracadbra mix is so awesome though! I can't stop spazzing over SeungYeon hotness,ahahahah =P

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im not really in to the honey rock version

mayb because of the sound system..it sounds too soft or sweet to match with rock

i just watch t fancam for the performance n it was actually great n i love it so much

there's smtg wrg with the audio system *i guess* that ruined everthing

n wow yet another epic stage between kara + BEG

mister + abracadabra

...it was a surprise...its stunning...its HOT HOT SOT

sy is sooooo hooooot

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Awesome performance!

I thought KARA will win Artist of the Year. . .

But, Best Dance is okay. . .

At least, they win something. . .

Congrats, girl!

Keep fighting!

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did they really win the Best Dance Award for Honey????

oh gosh i feel like crying..........

i mean, finally kara is getting some recognition..........

this is too good to be true....... kara jjang!!!

congratz to the girls........

they really did work hard....... and YES their hard work paid off :D

but Honey got nominated for Best Dance?

no offense but i thought it would be Mister who would be getting that award,

the butt dance is so freaking popular

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Congratulation to KARA for Best Dance Award : I'm glad they finally won an award on a festival. It's weird that they are nominated with Honey which is a cute dance ok but I find Mister would be more apropriated since It is really the big hit dance. Anyway, Gyuri seems to be really happy !

The special stage with Brown Eyed Girls was wonderful ! KARA + BEG were so sexy ! It's really strange to see KARA in this style because It's so different from their usual concept. Han Seung Yeon looks so great in her clothes. I love the Honey Rock version : It's was amazing !!!!!!!!!!!

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