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Hamster Boy

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Not sure how old this clip is, but it's funny/cute.


Who's the member mostly likely to have watched erotic movies first and most often?

All the members point at SY!

Guri: We all went on a company trip and all the adults were drinking outside. Since Karae were all under 21, we were hanging out in a room. And an adult movie came on on TV. I blocked Nicole's eyes to protect her innocence! But SY was watching it with no problem at all and thought we were weird for making a big deal!

Nicole: SY is very different from the way she appears, hahaha!

SY: Alright, I admit it. I did! Honestly, I was 20 at the time, and as you know by that age everyone knows about [sex]. And instead of being embarrassing, the movie was very corny.

Host: What was the title?

SY: Ah... ah... heehee... ah... Anna's something?

Host: Anna's Private Life or something?

SY: lol, so I was just sitting there thinking it's just an adult channel, but the other members were really overreacting!

Nicole: I was 16!

SY: Nowadays, I don't even talk about it, but they keep bringing it up. Why?

Guri: Haha, anyway SY teaches us sex education!

SY: Nicole has to be on this too. We both went to school in the US and they show and teach everything there.

Guri: Yeah, growing up innocent in Korea, I felt like I learned alot, haha.

Host: Yeah, it can be bad to keep everything all hidden.

SY: Yeah, I taught them well.

Host: So are you going to teach us today?

Kara: lol!

Nicole: With that [innoncent] face! heehee!

Everyone: (awkardly) let's move on to different topic! Yes!


Active link!

the video was removed but they already post another link


lol this was really unexpected

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excuse me Hamster Boy :P
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hahaha she's hilarious, i loved this clip... from their defenseless interview right? xD

poor nicole with her outbursts "i was 16!" , we learned sex ed in kindergarten already dear and then added to it every year after that D:, but then again they don't show outright porn in class haha

seungyeon taught them well, and even exposed gyuri's "innocent" mind of a korean student to it haha, such dorks :devil:

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Lmao well they do have some really good sex education in the states? haha.

I think... every single year since 4th grade there was a week devoted to sex ed in PE.

And then I reached high school and now they just have a rally once a year.

SY's 20 so I it's perfectly acceptable lool~

And they're not even talking about SY watching porn or anything. D; Gyul says, "It was inappropriate [for the kids], but not that inappropriate." :3

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Thanks for sharing the video and the translation it was hilarious it made me laugh so much favorite quote is when SY said she taught them well lol. Nicole's I was 16 back then was pretty hilarious too. Thanks for making me laugh today that was awesome.

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thx for translation!!

i watched this video before..bt couldn't even understand a single word

im quite surprise that sy actually taught the members abt sex( esp to gyuri ) :thumbup::)

n wat's more??she's so proud that she taught them well hahah :lol: :lol:

ohh our hammie

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