[Jingly] Maknae Young's Aegyo


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Jiyoung is the maknae in her family as well as in Kara. No doubt, she has a lot of aegyo. haha! the way she talks, her actions...are all very makner-ish. LOL. Her cuteness is different from Seungyeon's. Seungyeon is naturally cute because of her choding-like looks and small frame. lol. While Jiyoung is..aegyo cute? am i even making sense here?





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Does anyone have a .gif of JY doing her aegyo on Idol Show w/ 2PM? She was adorable, haha! I think I may have it..I'll edit this post if I find it!

I think since Jiyoung is still young her aegyo isn't overboard...it's real. That's probably why it attracts so many people and they don't get sick of it :wub:

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