Who do you think will be the first to get married?


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I don't know whcih one to choose between the two...

Its a tough choice !!


This two pop in my mind :D when I saw this

For some reason after answering this question...

I'm thinking of Hara because somehow she's a really PREPARED girl ??

[i dunno if that's the right word though]

There is an interview with KARA and one of the members revealed that Hara is thinking of insurance and stuffs

She wants to be secured at a very young age lol :lol2:

Anyway my third choice should be Gyul ...

because she's the eldest ... after all



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hmm.. i think the list gotta be...

1st - Hammie (she always said she want to get married asap :lol: )

2nd - Nicole (i think she likes a marriage life :sweatdrop: )

3rd - Hara (junhyung cant wait to be together with hara :lol2: )

4th - Gyul (she still has many things to do in the entertainment industry :thumbup1: )

5th - Baby Jing (coz she's the youngest!)

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I think it would be Seungyeon. :blushing:

This question was already asked to the girls in one of their tv guestings and they all said they think it's our cutie Hamtaro to be the first one to get married.lol

Even Seungyeon unnie admitted that her dream is to be a housewife in SBS

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