Who do you think will be the first to get married?


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Imo, I think Seungyeon will be the first to get married.

She seems to have that motherly charm to her after watching her on Star King and seeing her carrying the crying kid.

Plus, she WANTS to be a married in the near future (based on interviews).

Gyuri seems to be a person who enjoys the entertainment industry, but maybe she'll get married awhile after SY.

Nicole would either get married before or after Gyuri. But I think she'll look for a more westernised man because of her American background, and that takes time.

Hara wants to pursue acting and likes being an entertainer from what I read, so I think she'll be the last to get married.

Jiyoung is just too young right now; let her focus on being a member of Kara.

All in all, that's just my opinion~~



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well i remember seungyeon saying that she wanted to get married in her prettiest stage. and i think thats soon. even tho she's going to be pretty for a long time :] still, i think it'll be gyuri or nicole first! hopefully nicole to key ^^ hehe

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Seungyeon I think. She seems like the type who would want to get into a relationship to sort of get away from the Idol routine. I just remember her on Taxi talking about how she would want to do something quiet like translating texts or what not after KARA was done. It seems to me like she wants to live a normal life, that would entail marriage.

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