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It doesn't matter. KAMILIAs just want KARA back on stage.

KARA Fighting!!! <333

SeungYeon's really excited :unsure:

I agree :thumbup1:

It's sort of different seeing Seungyeon update Kamilia AND she's excited.. I like it lol..

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hoo hoo lol im ready for them to come back..

kara and snsd always come back @ the same time :P

but i support both ^^(kara a little bit more :P)

cant wait ^^

Fighting !!!!

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can't wait for the comeback, and I actually want Kara to beat SNSD on the music chart (it's a wishful thinking, and it might become true!)

but to be honest, I don't care if the comeback is popular, great, or just plain simple alright, I'll always love Kara :P

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Now this is what everyone's been waiting for...Kara's comeback stage, finally some competition for SNSD and i think that Kara is the only group that can compete with SNSD as of now...though i like both groups and i support both of them... :P

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Whee I'm so excited that Seungyeon's excited about the comeback! If she's this excited, the new track must be something beyond awesomeness. -waiting for Kara's awesomeness-

I can't wait to be surprised. (:

i want to see another Hyori&Kara collaboration as well!

YES TOTALLY! It's almost like a tradition now, a collaboration between Hyori and Kara. They work so well together!

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I really can't wait for their comeback! They should released like a preview of the song or even a photo soon! Dangg, so exciting!!!

I would definitely like to see them competing with Soshi! Not in the bad way, i mean the nice way. ^_^

Way to go Kamilias :D

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