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I think mae might be right. They kept Hara, JiYoung, and Gyuri's hair as it because those three are the ones who are still making the public appearances, be it on radio or variety shows. I think the last thing that Nicole and SeungYeon appeared on was "Dream Team" and that is already taped, so why not cut their hair shorter and hide them until the comeback. Unless SeungYeon is still appearing on "Sixth Sense" the next two weeks or so, then my assumptions are completely off. It could be a wig for all we know. But I would like to see SeungYeon sporting the shorter cut. Damn, those teaser photos sure are throwing everyone off. DSP is really putting a lot more effort in to it this time around.

I just have to add this. I love how the girls are taking an actual character and creating a concept from it, they are becoming the character. Very different from all the other concepts. Definitely a new idea. Keep it up! And I've said this many times over: DSP, don't disappoint us.

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can't say anything..I'm speechless right now...

totally sexy..their new concept is jjang..!!

I watch the teaser more than 10 times..don't even feel bored....

the music beat is jjang...

The girl in the short hair is the most sexiest..I can't tell..is it Gyuri or seungyeon..??

anyway Lupin is jjang..!!

waiting for Lupin MV,Album and Comeback....

♥Kara Fighting!!♥

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okay after studying this teaser for the past 10 mins i've come to conclude

Nicole has shorter hair with the kimono sleeves

Gyuri has the hat and cane with long wavy hair

Jiyoung has the other hat without a cane and straight hair

Hara is obviously the straight hair one

Seungyeon is the other short hair one with her back exposed and no kimono sleeves

freaking sick i love ittttttt oh my god i'm so excited!!!

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there's too much to say at the same time..


totally loving it..

DSP did a very good job right now!!!

it was a little bit difficult at the first time to recognize them..

the easiest is gyuri and hara..


nicole's rap..

their move..

the beat..

aww.. all of it just a complete awesome..

can't wait till the release of the full mv..

i believe they will success in steal many things..

steal our hearts..and steal a lot of awards..

kara fighting!!!

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THIS IS TOTALLY AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGG. honestly i didnt think it would be THIS good - im just so freakin shocked im speechless. this is so gonna be a hit!! looks like kara has finally found the right song and right concept.

and oh yeah - snsd? t-ara? son dambi? lee hyori? bleh im not worried about competition anymore - the teaser itself is already SO GOOD!!! the mv will definitely be better, since the teaser is just to get us fans excited and crazy and YES KARA HAS STOLEN MY HEART AND DEFINITELY THE SPOTLIGHT.

i have total confidence in this!! usually im not a very postiive person... in a sense... but this case is too different! cant wait for the mv to come out!! if it's even better, kara's first daesung may just be on the way, not just bonsang XD

KARA HWAITING <3333333 im sure you all guys are also just sooooo blown away! :D :D :D

EDIT: juz one more thing. the girls have changed so much i cant recognize nicole, jiyoung and seungyeon!!! easiest is hara ^_^

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I 'm so trying not to spaz right now since I'm in math class and people are still taking the test!

Seriously! That was an awesome teaser. I can't stand waiting!

Why do you have to tease us like that?!?!

I love the teaser and I love their concept.

2010 is theirs for the taking^^

2010 = The year of KARA?

KARA fighting!

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The teaser was better than what i expected though i could only recognize Hara, Nicole and Gyuri.

They have matured from their previous concepts and that's not a bad move. As for the teaser song so far, i think the beat is really good and i'm hoping for some awesome dance moves and not just some simple dance steps.

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Again mizuirokaze13, awhile your worried about the killer song dsp should release and the concept, competition, promotion thing.. I think dsp did brialliantly good this time...

But i guess this teaser was a relief for you now, we cannot say and expect that much until the whole mv is released.. im no negative person just an opinion

and im really really a true kara fan, among the girl groups ive known they have the best personalities, nicest songs and awesomeness cutie looks.. i'll trashtalk the other girl groups later when they've already topped the charts haha..

and again again and again.. for them to become no. 1 we fans should support them and patrionize their music.. KKKKAAARRAJJANNGGGG!!!

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