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shes hot as always...

when i saw her in the video..

i knew that the days of the super speed claps and cute image were over cuz she was smoking hot..

love the pics! saved them already! thank you

nicole is very charismatic on stage, even during Mister, but i think that dory and sweet side will never leave cuz she's just that way. and we still get to see it on variety shows. i like watching fancams and performances at like concerts because all of them are so charismatic and then once the song is over and they are interviewed by the dj, nicole turns shy again haha.

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10.04.10. Lesmore/Spris FanMeeting Mister Fancam - Nicole Version

credit: as tagged + ournikori @ youtube.

* This was taped by a Wooyoung fan.. Nicole spreading over fandoms lol.

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Thnx for the fancams mae...

woo~ Nicole really2 hot there...and her butt dance the best...jjang..!!!

lol...that video filmed by Hottest...jjang..!!! thnx to them we get to see cole Mister full .....

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Aaww I'm so sad KARA's Lupin promotions have ended~ *sniffles*

They didn't even have their goodbye stage on MB, MC, or Inki!

I'm going to miss all of Nicole's constantly changing moves during their perfomance~ especially her leg move!

And I was really hoping Nicole would wear the black outfit she wore in the MV that showed off her bare back!

But I do hope for their next promotions, Nicole gets a bigger role! :) (Heheh I'm so Nicole greedy~)


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I become one of Kara fans because of Lupin, yes I'm a newbie :sosad:

I think she has a strong presence in the MV, looks like she was the leader or some sort of, this come from a newbie point of view.

I think she's hot with her really short hair.

Nice to meet you all :unsure:

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Since Lupin perfs are over and I can't really discuss one for now I wanna say I remember being so happy when they were going back to change nicole's hair into long hair but they actually made it shorter 0_0

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She's really beautiful.

The first time I knew Kara I notice her.

She is actually my ROLE MODEL.

She became more and more pretty in Lupin actually.

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