[2010.02.20] Kara’s Gyuri and Jiyoung teases a bit of the Lupin Choreography


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Kara’s Comeback Stage is a week away but some of the choreography for Lupin was teased earlier today on Sukira Radio (Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio). Both Gyuri and Jiyoung were special guests on the show and they were seen doing some of the choreography as Lupin was being played live on the radio.

It seems they wanted to move their body but they kept holding back… can’t wait for their comeback stage on the 25th through M! Countdown. The music video for Lupin should be released some time early next week. Thanks to Danny for the tip.

All credits go to allkpop

Ahhhhh!! I can't wait any longer!
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♥Kara Lupin♥


they know how to handle fan feeling...

I really2 waiting for the Lupin Choreography...

but Thanks to Gyuri and Jiyoung we all can see how is it even for 10 sec...


I think at 1:27 to 1:30 the Lupin dance it is parallel with the music...


Leeteuk and Eunhyuk dance along to Lupin..haha..jjang....so funny..

it seems eunhyuk love Lupin song..huhu~

can't wait for the MV on 22nd february..and comeback on 25th on M! Countdown

♥Kara Lupin♥

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kkk...can't wait for Lupin MV release and their comeback stage!

I know it's gonna be a hit. I believe in KARA


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wow..thanks for sharing..

I think that the dance for Lupin is gonna be a BLAST!!

I was suppose to rip Wanna dance steps to teach my friends who were also fans of Kara...

When i saw the teaser from Gyuri and Jiyoung..

I know that Lupin dance steps is gonna be better than Wanna..(Wanna still rocks)

Keep it up girls xD

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WAHHHHHHHHH I CANT WATCH THE VID...... doesnt load....... tried it on youtube too and then they say that there's something wrong with either the javascript or the adobe but i cant fix the problem................


ahh when will the mv be released??? the 22nd??? why so long????

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Yay! Even if it was only a tiny fraction of the choreo,

I can already tell it'll be great!

I love the little "ssshhhh" move Gyuri did~ so cute!

And the wave-like move they did was cool too~

Hhhhmm... I wonder if that's going to be the main move in the choreo~

Lol at Leeteuk and Eunhyuk following along!

I can't wait for the realease of the MV and their comeback~ ♥


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woah woah....

they really adorable..lol

it was really cute watching them want to move their body but hold it back xD

argghh i can't wait to see the full choreography..

fromm how they tease us,it looks like a great dance..lol

gyuri's 'sshh' hand move..

and they move their body on the chorus..

and then they playing with the head on dance break part xD

they keep on teasing us..

first their new hairstyle was revealed..

now the choreography..

why do the mv should take a long time to released??i wanna see it..

KARA fighting!!!

Lupang definitely will be a daebak!!

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They teased me, alright :3 I can't wait for the MV and comeback perf! I am still wishing Gyuri had her hair the way it was on the cover/teaser, but the goddess is still pretty as ever :sweatdrop:

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