Favorite boy group paired with Kara


favorite boy group paired with kara  

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  1. 1. who is your favorite boy group paired with kara?

    • SHINee
    • 2pm
    • SS501
    • super junior
    • big bang
    • 2am
    • DBSK
    • MBLAQ
    • BEAST
    • a'st 1
    • other
    • infinite
    • ZE:A
    • teen top
    • ukiss
    • dalmatian
    • B1A4

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When i think about group pairings i focus on number of members, ages, heights and other details like that :P so I voted for Mblaq. They are 5, the ages fit almost perfectly, they all know each other and i think they have good chemistry. Plus Mblaq as a group are kind of on the manly, ~cool~ side so it's a good match for a cute group like kara >0< this is why i don't like shinra so much. I think SHINee are too cute for Kara lol idk I like the cool guy/innocent girl thing.

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voted for 2pm :)

simply because of their wonderful again and again cover~~~

i got addicted to it, seriously!

even jay admitted that the girl group that he had interest in is kara!

i remember jay's butt dance! so hilarious~

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big bang all the way!!! i like shinee with kara too but i dont shinee looks a little young for kara, but i really want to see big bang with kara, i guess because ive never seen them together yet. i would really love to see it, you know how they with one another, i think it would be interesting!!!

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this is weird

i dont like shinee

they never have any attraction to me at all

if not for kara

i wont even remember their name

i used to call them the group with nasal voice

and i love dsp line

but somehow

when it comes to coupling or pairing

shinee sort of screamed to me

visually, emotionally

kara fits the best for me at least with shinee

and i dunno why

with ss501

it just feels like brothers and lil sisters

ha ha ha

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I like KARA/ SS501 relationships. they are like older brothers and their little sisters.)

And I like Shinee+Kara because they are the same age. Also i like Nicole and Key friendship. And sometimes i think that Seungyeon and Onew could a real couple, thay match each other.

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Many lol! depends on the member.. XD

for Nicole = 2AM <3 JinCole <3

for JiYoung = 2AM <3 JiMin <3

for Gyuri = SuJu <3 HyukRi <3

for SeungYeon = SHINee <3 OnYeon <3

for Hara = Super Junior <3 HaeRa <3

hahahaha overall, voted for SHINee because I love their Juliette perf before and can't stop spazzing at KeyCole XD

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SHINee. They FIT. Too much actually. @_@

OnYeon - Clumsy/Sangtae/Baby face/Eye-smile/Smart/Vocals <--- Too much >_<

JongRi - Cocky/Strong/Vocals

KeyCole - All around/American style (BFFs >_<)

MinRa - Athletic/Images

JiMin - Maknae/Aegyo

Plus... I just really <3 OnYeon and KeyCole

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