Favorite boy group paired with Kara


favorite boy group paired with kara  

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  1. 1. who is your favorite boy group paired with kara?

    • SHINee
    • 2pm
    • SS501
    • super junior
    • big bang
    • 2am
    • DBSK
    • MBLAQ
    • BEAST
    • a'st 1
    • other
    • infinite
    • ZE:A
    • teen top
    • ukiss
    • dalmatian
    • B1A4

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I'm one of the few who really like 2AM with KARA. You can tell they're all very good friends, and whenever they're on shows together, it's hilarious. Now if only 2AM had one more member. I hate how whenever they're paired up Gyuri or Seungyeon is left out.

SHINee and KARA look good together too.

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i voted for DBSK cuz i thought it would've been a very cool collaboration

if dbsk didnt spilt , especially with nicole and jaejoong close relationship ^^


i like shinning kara soo much , its just that kara is the most suited girl group

for shinee among the others they did collaborations with ^^

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I like 2AM + KARA because they have both different styles but off screen they are so awesome together. I keep on seeing interviews with them together, and they really seem to click. Except maybe Changmin and Jiyoung, lols...

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I want KARABANG!! such perfect Why? they also have lot interaction!!

1] Seungri and Hara are bestfriend... very close to each other!! Hara said Seungri is the best and only friend of her

2} Jiyoung like Daesung a lot... and Daesung seem to like her too

3] Gdragon,Taeyang,Gyuri and Seungyeon are in the 88-line

4] Bigbang like to dance kara 'Mister'

so... support karabang!! :gemcheer:

and Kara also look very good with Dbsk <my second vote :energetic:

and Kara also very good with SS501<my third vote

and last one of coz will be Shinee just like JIMIN couple.. my favourite :jyc2:

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I used to ship Shining Melody hardcore, but gave up on Jongri pairing. I don't think either could ever really be interested...If you're thinking just singing collaborations, then definitely Shining Melody. But if you're thinking more love-line pairings... :thumbdown: So if all our girls were paired nicely, it would be either FTI (because these two groups together is just :wub: MAJOR), or NEWS!! How come no ones posted any japanese boy groups? Is it a Korean only parameter? Anywhoos, from Kara's Japanese promotions, I've been introduced to NEWS+KARA fandom and just :eyelove: There are so many exciting possibilities! Collabs would be epic! And those JE boys are sexaaay. There's an extra guy member left out, but I think one of our girls can handle two lol..

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I love 2AM & KARA together, but I don't really feel any chemistry between them. They just seem like good friends (except maybe Jinwoon and Nicole...:P)

I've always liked Shinee with KARA, but this is entirely based on that one special stage they did together (the Christmas special). Other than that, I have not seen any other interactions (besides Key's and Nicole's...I'm sensing a pattern here. haha. xP)

In other words, SHINee & 2AM are the best boy group for KARA - whether for friendship or romance. :D

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