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August 22, 2011

어제필라테스선생님이찍어주신사진 우하하하 예쁘지게쏭!!!!>_< 昨日 私のピラティス先生がとってくれた しゃしん!かわいく なりましょ!!


[Korean] This is the picture my Pilates teacher took for me yesterday, Oohahaha.

[Japanese] A photo that my pilates teacher took for me yesterday! Let’s become cute!!

convo with G.Na

@_911007 ㅋㅋㅋ역시 넌 짱이야 ㅋㅋㅋ 같이 다니쟈 푸하하

[ t. Cole] kekeke As usual you are awesome kekeke Let's run together puhaha

*in reply to the above pic

@ginachoi87 you're so glamourous-y skinny already lol!! 그래도 같이 가볼까 ㅋㅋㅋ늘려늘려 뻗뻗한 근육들 ㅋㅋㅋ

[Cole to] You're so glamourous-y skinny already lol!! But let's go together kekeke stretch them stretch them your stiff muscles kekeke

translation by RoyalG_Tweets @ twitter + Superior_Music @ tumblr + ournikori.blogspot

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lol @ the article that was translated. Cole herself didn't say she was ultra flexible at all, she just wanted to share a cool picture but all the comments are are focused on the title.. meh XD

I hope she takes more pics and shares more of what she does etc, I find it interesting :)

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Ham: DaeguDaegu Let's go eat some spicy Tteokbokki~ It's been a long time since the 5 of us sat in the same car together~ I can feel that we're getting closer to the start of our activities! Playing around with a painful-neck wink~

Hara: These are the only photos I managed to take after trying my best... Messy photos... But it is fun ㅋ.ㅋ Gyulee unnie is sleeping deeply

Cole: Uhaha I left home bringing dried squids with me! wwww Why can't they be stored in a mobile phone?

Jing: Chew, chew, my stomach's full already zZ.... Crunching, crunching on dried squids

Hara: Please send me the photos of us through KakaoTalk! www But I'm going to sleep already

Credit: _karaholic@twitter

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Aren't we cute? With cute outfits and our hairs upswept, we members take refreshing steps ^^


cr: KH @ twitter

I looked so hard for the girls, didn't believe SY was the one eating ice cream but it is her lol.

KARA's stylist tweeted this picture, we can see the girls better:


cr: twitter

I didn't think Cole would be the member tweeting the most in Paris lol. But she didn't include herself in her pic lol... want selca :P

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Nicole change her DP today ^^


look pretty :wub:

Sept 5, 2011

세븐데이즈 올데이 난 탑걸 톡톡톡!! 튀는 핫걸~~ 여러분 반할껄~~~ ... 저에게 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 풋하하하 후훗 ㅋㅋ

Seven days all day I’m top girl, pop pop pop!! Popping hot girl~~ Everyone You will fall for me~~~

translated by RoyalGNATweets @ twitter

*it was part of lyrics from G.Na's Top Girl

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^^ Just had a thought, IF that picture was taken today that means Cole will be sporting this look for Starking!! and that can also mean Cole will be promoting with her extensions on... :D

Glad to see she's in a better mood... just like Nicole to freak the day before then show up singing a song.. <3!

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^ yeah i guess its could be possible taken today too...hearing step full track just make me more excited for their comeback :thumbup:

convo with G.NA


Haha nicole is a hot TOP GIRL♥ RT @_911007: 세븐데이즈 올데이 난 탑걸 톡톡톡!! 튀는 핫걸~~ 여러분 반할껄~~~ ... 저에게 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 풋하하하 후훗 ㅋㅋ


@ginachoi87 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 우리곧방송에서볼거같에잉 언니 ^^

kekekeke we'll soon meet at the same broadcasting station unnie! ^^

translated by KARAfacts @ twitter (tip off : mae)

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wow...kara actually have their twitter??? cool... i just wish that they'll have that blue check beside there

and wow...nicole's username is actually her birthday??? that's cool!!! hahahaha

i just wish that she'll tweet in english in the future...

and translators!!! thanks for the update!!! :)

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