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i knew this would happen..

The 'emergency door dance' and the 'Hala' dance i so so JJANG...

it really shows the sexy side of Kara..

Who wouldn't fall into their trap and get their heart stolen?

The 'Bond Girl' dance was very nice too..

Shows the strong side of Kara (i think)

Every year, Kara's choreography for their songs are geting beter and better..

Kara Hwaiting!!

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Haha.. The parodies are cute too. Well, Lupin's dance moves are certainly unique and well choreographed. It is definitely catching the eye of many people.

They portrayed the sneaky and the power of Kara so well. The performance was pretty impressive. Enjoyed it very much!

Keep up the good work girls! :wub:

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ill tell you a reason why hara is in the middle of the emergency exit dance, because shes Goosain Bolt! haha really liking the energy they give out when dancing it

hahha!!! you're right.. when it comes to running hara definitely a sure win hehe.. :D

exit dance is running to escape,, RUNNING!! Goosain Bolt!!

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